Reader: Ryan Gosling's good deed doesn't make him a hero

April 6, 2012 at 11:09 AM ET

Katy Winn / AP file /
Ryan Gosling apparently saved a British woman's life in New York.

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On "Ryan Gosling saves writer's life"

Teresa DeLisi Juers: "Oh for God's sake, he did a good deed. I respect him for what he did but calling him a "hero" is a bit much. I have seen him in interviews and he seems like a humble guy. I would think that this type of attention would make him uncomfortable. Let's not draw so much attention to him and just let him feel good for his actions."

On "Kanye West admits he fell in love with Kim Kardashian"

Melissa D. Preece: "LOL, with her, or fell in love with her media attention?"

On "Dr. Drew still thinks foul play could be involved in Whitney Houston's death"

Pat Ed Melaragno: "You have to wonder. None of this story made sense to me from the very beginning. Dr. Drew is sharing his professional opinion. I thank him for that. Will we ever know what happened in that bathroom? Probably not. Rest in Peace you beautiful lady. Right now, her daughter needs our prayers."

On "Josh Brolin's night out puts emphasis on 'bro'"

Nick DeStefano: "Is he renting friends? They all look 10-15 years younger than him."