Reader: Madonna's right to be mad at M.I.A.

Feb. 10, 2012 at 12:23 PM ET

Madonna and M.I.A. performing at the Super Bowl.

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1. On "Madonna reportedly mad at M.I.A. over finger"

Rita Erban-Moeller: "She has ever right to be angry -- employing her in her show. She disrespected Madonna."

2. On "Adele: I don't want to be some skinny Minnie"

Karen Dunkerson Devard: "Who wants to look like a human hanger?"

3. On "Beyonce, Jay-Z move to trademark Blue Ivy"

Donna Murray: "To be fair ... they are not saying other parents can't name their child Blue Ivy - just that people can't make money off THEIR child's name -- the article said that 2 people have already tried to do just that by applying trademark the name. Also, there is only speculation that they are doing it for money, they may just be trying to protect her name and privacy. I sure wouldn't want my baby's name spread all over clothing lines and perfume. Newspaper articles are notorious for slanting stories in a particular way to get people to read them. Looks like this one worked."

4. On "'Downton Abbey's' O'Brien is a hottie!"

Rose Hargis: "I love Downton Abbey, so addicted! Who would have ever thought O'Brien could look like that? WOW! Great transformation and costume!"

5. On "Nicolas Cage: I'm not a vampire"

Nick DeStefano: "That's exactly the sorta thing a vampire WOULD say."