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Clicky bits: Octomom is desperately seeking her first date

June 23, 2011 at 10:47 AM ET

Nick Ut/AP file /
Nadya Suleman is ready to find a man.

• How do you end up with 14 kids ... without ever dating? In the case of Nadya Suleman, it's simple: IVF. Still, it's a little hard to believe the Octomom when she says she's never had a date (even moreso if one recalls the fact that she was once married, which Suleman herself seems to forget). Fortunately, the new HDNet series "Celebridate" is about to change that. Suleman will be one of several paired-up "celebrities" on the new show, which will begin airing in October, and told PopEater's Rob Shuter, "This is actually the first time I have dated in my life. I've had one boyfriend." Think she'll find love o the show? Tell us on our Facebook page!

• Ricky Gervais, whose series "The Ricky Gervais Show" is going strong at HBO, will own a little more real estate on the premium cable network starting next year when his new faux-documentary series. "Life's Too Short," premieres. TV Line reports that "Harry Potter" regular Warwick Davis stars in the comedy, which the site says "is described as a cross between 'The Office' and 'Extras,' with cameos from the likes of Johnny Depp, Steve Carell and Sting."

• Can you ride a horse? Do you mind maybe getting impaled while doing so? If your answers are "yes" and "no," then sign up for the ride of your life: History Channel is seeking equine experts to appear in its new reality series, "Full Metal Jousting," which begins airing in October, according to Equestrian News. Download an application here, because you never know — even if jousting itself doesn't come back in fashion, you'll always have a shot as a "Game of Thrones" extra.