Willie Geist

TMI, Willie! Geist makes Al and Natalie blush, causes blackout

March 1, 2013 at 10:57 AM ET

“I love the idea that the lights go out and that’s what we do — we just start having sex with each other.”

Come again, Willie?

After the anchors chatted about the baby boom expected this summer — and its correlation to blackouts caused by Hurricane Sandy — Willie made things a little awkward(ly hilarious). 

During Friday’s Take 3 segment, TODAY's newest anchor chimed in: “Before electricity, is that all they did?”

Al quickly responded to Willie's observation by poking fun: “I’m Willie Geist. I’m very subtle."

Coincidentally, that's when the lights went out (thanks, stage managers!), just in time to cut the awkward tension.

Al and Natalie's instinct: Run for the door!

Al played bashful during Willie's blackout theories. But when the lights went down a second time, look who borrowed Willie's moves with real estate expert Barbara Corcoran!

Peter Kramer / NBC /
Barbara Corcoran joins TODAY to preview houses across the country currently on the market for $400,000 or less.
Peter Kramer / NBC /
Al puts the moves on Barbara Corcoran when the lights go out.

Lauren Sullivan is a TODAY.com editor and blackout enthusiast.

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