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People are not happy about this 'Refugee Dress' being sold online

New York fashion brand Uzi apologized and explained what they were thinking when they named the dress, now called the Oxford Dress.
/ Source: TODAY

A New York fashion brand faced a whirlwind of criticism recently after people took issue with its so-called Refugee Dress.

Yes, you read that correctly. And if you find the name offensive, you're not alone. Many savvy online shoppers took screenshots of the $119 dress and posted them on social media, along with some choice words for Uzi, the Brooklyn-based brand that chose the unfortunate name.

Dozens of critics called for the company to apologize — some even suggested they donate to an organization that helps refugees.

After the initial firestorm online, Uzi quickly renamed the dress: It's now called the Oxford Dress.

Mari Gustafson, co-founder of Uzi, explained to TODAY Style that the original name of the dress was intended to keep important issues at the forefront of shoppers' minds — not cause offense. She apologized in a statement, saying "we are sorry if we have disturbed anyone."

Uzi Refugee Dress is now called the Oxford Dress
The dress is now called the Oxford Dress. UZINYC

Gustafson also explained how the dress got its name in the first place.

"In 2007 we created a dress that was our vision of the future based upon the reality of what we saw around us," the statement read. "A future of mass migration, climate change and increased economic disparity. We named the dress in 2007 when we could not see ourselves escaping the reality of a global economy spinning out of control."

The statement went on to say the brand feels "that it is important to keep these issues within public discourse," and had the dress been named something else, "we wouldn't be having this discussion."

"The language we have used to describe our fabric is common within the fabric industry. It in no way references human beings. We understand that we have unintentionally offended some people with whom we share the same concerns, but in that process we have also been able to amplify our shared message."

Uzi is hardly the first brand to face criticism over a questionable product. Remember Zara's Pepe the Frog denim skirt? Or this tote with its shocking slogan: "This bag contains a gun"? Do you find the Refugee Dress offensive? Take our poll above to let us know what you think.