Unicorn hair trend proves the fairy-tale creatures do (kind of) exist

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/ Source: Today
By Sarah Epstein

The Internet has seen its fair share of strange hair trends over the last year, from pumpkin spice-inspired coloring to glow-in-the-dark locks. But the latest one might take the — horn?

The trend is called unicorn hair, but it's different from the look that just involves uniquely colored hair, which goes by the same name. (Yes, there are now two types of unicorn hair.)

This time, you throw your hair up into a twisted braid-like horn right on top of the head.

This new unicorn hair looks just as magical as its fairy-tale namesake.

It's a little weird, but our 5-year-old selves that faithfully watched "My Little Pony" are kind of loving it.

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We especially like the styles that combine the unicorn horn with rainbow colors. After all, who doesn't dream about a world filled with rainbows and unicorns?

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In case you were wondering how exactly to do this look yourself, this video from back in 2012 provides a step-by-step tutorial for becoming a unicorn (make up and all).

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Who says unicorns don't exist?