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Not sure what to get mom for Christmas? 21 creative ideas that show you care

Find the top Christmas gifts for moms this holiday season.
/ Source: TODAY

If there's one person who deserves your most thoughtful consideration this holiday gifting season, it's mom. Treating her to something special this Christmas is just one small way to say thank you for all the many things she does for you throughout the year.

Shopping for the right gift for your mom (or any of the moms in your life) doesn't have to be stressful, even if you're not quite sure what she wants. The simple act of listening should reveal some ideas — pay attention to how she spends her free time, what travel ideas she mentions or even what shows she watches.

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Ahead, we've rounded up 21 affordable gift ideas for moms including jewelry, indulgent beauty products, a luxurious sweater and plenty of kitchen-centric extras.


This year, treat your mom to a gift that will make you think of her every time she puts it on. We found a selection of pretty and affordable jewelry from independent brands like Candy Shop Vintage, Julie Vos and Sword and Plough.

1. Julie Vos 'Casablanca' ring, $68, Julie Vos

Julie Vos' ornate, gold jewelry has a touch of ancient charm — especially this adjustable-size cocktail ring. Mom will feel special wearing this stunner and proud to mention that it came from you.

Julie Vos Casablanca cocktail ring gold

2. Candy Shop Vintage champagne coup earrings, $68, Candy Shop Vintage

For moms who love to play hostess, these vintage champagne coup earrings will make a playful and festive accessory, especially on New Year's Eve!

candy shop vintage champagne coupe earrings

3. Sword & Plough bar and circle necklace, $69, Sword & Plough

We love gifts that give back, and especially love when they come from companies that inspire us. The jewelry collection from Sword and Plough is handmade from repurposed shell casings by a veteran, and 10 percent of each sale goes back to organizations that help veterans around the country.

sword and plough bar + circle necklace

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4. Hart antique rose tassel earrings, $54, Hart Hagerty

Tassel earrings are one of the most enduring jewelry trends of the past year or so — and with good reason. These rayon tassels are lightweight and nickel-free, which means they won't pull or irritate Mom's ears. They come in an array of colors that instantly upgrade any outfit.

HART rose tassel earrings

5. Mark and Graham monogramed 'City' hexagon compact, $35, Mark & Graham

Compacts are one of those glamorous, old school accessories that, while not technically jewelry, still add a certain sparkle to an everyday outfit. You can have this one monogrammed for free, and it will be a constant reminder of your love every time she goes to powder her nose.

mark and graham city hexagon compact silver

6. Julie Nolan sterling silver dipped zodiac constellation cuff, $50, Julie Nolan Jewelry

Show your mom that you love her to the stars and back with a cuff designed with the constellation of her zodiac sign.

Julie Nolan silver zodiac constellation cuff

7. Metrix Jewelry quartz crescent necklace, $68, Aha Life

There are some who believe that quartz has healing powers, but it's also just a really beautiful stone. We love the way this small clear quartz is suspended on a gold hoop and then on a soft black cord.

Metrix Jewelry quarty crescent pendent necklace

Little indulgences

Whether it's some time to herself, a luxurious accessory or just something pretty, never forget that gifting is all about finding something they want, not something they need. Below we've rounded up a bunch of little ways you can invite the moms on your list to treat themselves.

8. Aromatherapy Associates London 'Perfect Partners' gift box, $31, Aromatherapy Associates

If the mom on your list adores the spa and could use a little relaxing time at home, invite her to experience some serious aromatherapy in the shower. This oil combo has one scent to aid relaxation (perfect for the evening) and one to invigorate (perfect for starting the day).

Aromatherapy Associates London perfect partners gift box

9. Ugg Australia 'Kotah Shorty' tech gloves, $100, Nordstrom

Chances are your mom knows what tech gloves are but hasn't bought a pair for herself yet. These shearling-trimmed leather gloves are lined with a wool and cashmere blend, which means they're as luxurious as they are practical.

Ugg Australia 'Kotah' shorty tech gloves

10. Armani Beauty Lip Maestro matte lip gloss with engraving, $38, Giorgio Armani

Treat your mom to a pretty new lip color that's perfect for the holiday season, but make it something special. Giorgio Armani's Lip Maestro is a matte gloss with a wand handle you can get engraved with a 10-character message like "Love U Mom" or simply her initials.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Maestro matte lip gloss

11. Everlane cashmere crewneck sweater, $100, Everlane

This classic crewneck sweater is 100 percent, grade-A Mongolian cashmere and because of the Everlane brand's transparent manufacturing process, costs about half as much as traditional retail. This sweater comes in nine colors but we're especially fond of this bright, cheerful Azalea pink.

Everlane cashmere crewneck sweater azalea

12. Chico's cheetah-print travel tray, $39, Chicos

This wild little tray is a stylish catch-all for everything from jewelry to keys to vanity-table necessities. It has snaps on all four corners so it can be packed flat and used for travel. Genius.

chico's cheetah print travel tray

13. Jo Malone 'Lime, Basil and Mandarin' scented candle, $65, Nordstrom

Here's the truth: You can find scented candles just about anywhere, but none of them will smell as good as those from Jo Malone. The TODAY Style team is obsessed with the Lime, Basil and Mandarin scent because it's clean, fresh and totally addicting. Treat your mom to a candle experience that's worth the indulgent price.

Jo Malone lime basil and mandarine scented candle

14. The Laundress x John Mayer Out West Duo, $35, The Laundress

Laundry is a tedious, yet necessary chore — but what if it could be just a bit more enjoyable? The Laundress (an eco-friendly line of detergent, fabric care and home-cleaning products) partnered with John Mayer (yes, the singer) on a duet of fabric-care products that smell amazing and will treat her favorite clothes like the treasures they are.

the laundress x john mayer out west duo

Home and wellness

Encourage the moms in your life to be self-indulgent. Lingering over an especially good cup of coffee, spending an afternoon with a great book or picking up a new hobby like knitting will all be great ways to rest and relax.

15. Atlas Coffee Club 'Coffee of the Month subscription, $14-$28/month, Atlas Coffee Club

Most of us fall prey to buying the same coffee from our grocery store over and over again. Treat your mom to a global exploration of rich and varied coffee offerings from Costa Rica, Peru, Ethiopia, Indonesia and more. Each month she'll get a fresh bag of grounds, a postcard from the origin country and suggested brewing instructions.

Atlas Coffee Club subscription

16. Amazon Kindle 6-inch e-reader, $70, Amazon

This brand-new version of Amazon's e-reader comes equipped with Wi-Fi and a battery that lasts for weeks. Plus, the new touchscreen display is gentle on eyes like real paper. (Moms love that kind of stuff!) This edition of the kindle comes in a stylish white version and can hold thousands of books.

Amazon Kindle new e-reader 6" display

17. Wool and the Gang 'Me Time' scarf kit, $47, Wool & the Gang

Did you know knitting can be a therapeutic experience? The knitting experts Wool and the Gang have designed a special kit for beginners that encourages you to take little moments to chill out and create a scarf. They're luxe fabrics and easy-to-ready patterns make this is a fun gift for beginners and expert knitters alike.

Wool and the Gang 'Me Time' Scarf Kit

18. Aaptiv one-year membership, 2 for $75, Aaptiv

This membership-based fitness app is like having a host of boutique fitness classes and a personal trainer on call. You can train for a marathon, take a spin class, do 20 minutes of mindful yoga and more all while a world class trainer audibly guides your workout and plays music to match. The app tracks everything from calories to mileage and allows you to create a list of your favorite classes for easy access.

Aaptiv screens

19. Miracle-Gro Aerogarden with gourmet herb seed pod kit, $77, Walmart

Along with making a delicious addition to many homemade dishes, herb gardens smell amazing. Encourage your mom to grow her own little garden of gourmet herbs right on the kitchen counter. Fresh basil on your spaghetti, anyone?

miracle-gro aerogarden herb kit