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Morgane & D'Quarius

Lansing, Michigan

About the bride: Morgane is 21 years old with a career in financial and retirement planning.

About the groom: D'Quarius is 28 years old and currently a psychiatric tech at the local hospital.

Time together: One year 

Engagement date: April 9, 2006

Why he's the one: "I'd never been with a man that was able to be completely honest. D'Quarius is more than honest, he insists on telling me everything and anything on his mind because he says I deserve that."

Why she's the one: "When I saw how great Morgane and her family were, it made me realize how beautiful she was, inside and out. From that point on, I knew she was a keeper."

Being the big basketball player on campus and trying to go professional took up most of D'Quarius' time and thoughts. D'Quarius had been traveling a lot and meeting people all over the world but unbeknownst to him, he was going to meet the woman of his dreams on a riverboat back in his hometown of Lansing, Michigan.

At a party on the Michigan Princess, Morgane was scoping out the room and her eyes landed on D'Quarius. She bravely approached him and introduced herself, but D'Quarius didn't say much. Morgane walked away, but as the boat docked, D'Quarius found her again and asked to exchange numbers so he could make a better first impression.

The couple somehow found time to date between Morgane's studies and D'Quarius' semi-pro career travels and soon enough, they were crazy in love. Through their relationship, they realized that love is about being able to really trust and communicate with each other. The more they were together, D'Quarius knew Morgane was the one. She was the one he could do anything and everything with, from playing sports, eating, going to the beach, or spending a quiet night at home. She was beautiful from the inside out, and he couldn't take his eyes off of her.

One Sunday at church, D'Quarius decided to pull off the biggest proposal in town. He snuck in through the side door of the church and dropped on one knee to propose to the love of his life; right there in front of the entire town and both of their families. An emotional Morgane was stunned, but the answer was obviously yes!

One thing Morgane and D'Quarius learned from their amazing journey is that no matter how far you are from home, home is where the heart is. This certainly rings true for Morgane and D'Quarius, who found each other's hearts in their hometown of Lansing, Michigan.