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'Are you kidding me?!' Mom's Ambush Makeover leaves daughters speechless

These moms may have been nervous about getting a new look, but after their glamorous transformations they'd choose to do it all over again!
/ Source: TODAY

It may be Groundhog Day, but our Ambush Makeover team wasn't going to let tired style repeat itself! Celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY Style Squad member Jill Martin took to the plaza to find two deserving women who were ready for a fun morning makeover.

These moms may have been nervous about getting a new look, but after seeing their glamorous transformations we have to imagine they'd choose to do it all over again!

"It should be fun," Becky Whiteford said before her Ambush Makeover. It was even more fun than she could've imagined!TODAY

First up is Becky Whiteford, 41, from Traverse City, Michigan. A visit to the plaza was on her bucket list, and she thought the highlight of the day would be ice skating with her daughters. But things took a turn when our Ambush team plucked her from the crowd!

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Both Whiteford and her daughters were wowed by her stunning transformation! Hairstylist Arsen Gurgov chopped her locks into a chic and modern bob, and Licari added caramel highlights to give the look added dimension.

Whiteford was ready to strut down the red carpet after her gorgeous makeover! Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Martin chose a fun jumpsuit from Eliza J to complete the look. With an embellished belt, it's the kind of versatile piece Whiteford can dress up or dress down depending on the day — so fun!

Julia Dill screamed "I'm afraid!" before her Ambush Makeover. Turns out there was no reason to be scared!TODAY

Up next is 58-year-old Julia Dill. The California native literally lives in a log cabin in the woods and doesn't spend much time on her hair and makeup. She was hesitant about getting a whole new look, but her daughters encouraged her to say yes!

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"I think she really deserves it," one daughter told TODAY. It's safe to say both daughters were blown away by their mom's sassy new look!

"Oh my God, Mom! Are you kidding me?!"TODAY

Gurgov cut inches off her shoulder-length locks to create a flirty layered look, and Licari brightened up the color with golden highlights strategically placed to frame her face.

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Martin completed the transformation with sophisticated separates and sleek boot-cut jeans. She finished off the look with a bold statement necklace and a pair of black pumps.

Dill looked like a whole new woman in this cool ensemble. Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Congratulations to both gorgeous women on their fantastic makeovers!

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