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Love to hug your sweetie? This sweatshirt wants to make that embrace even better

If you were never a "huggy" person in the past, things are about to change thanks to a new line of hoodies.
/ Source: TODAY

If you were never a "huggy" person in the past, things are about to change — thanks to a new line of sweatshirts.

The clothing brand Chukcha recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the creation of a unique hooded sweatshirt named Together Wear that features pockets both in the front and back.

Together Wear - World's first hugging hoodieTODAY

So for all those times you've wanted to enjoy the warm embrace of your significant other but worried about your hands being cold (you must have forgotten those gloves), here's the perfect solution.

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“Being in love, I realized how important it can be just hugging with my sweet,” Artem Glebov, the founder of Chukcha said. “That's the main concept of Together Wear. It gives you the ability to share warmth with your sweetheart and feel like two parts of a whole one.”

The brand, which Glebov says was inspired by the beautiful places he's traveled and amazing people he's met, hit their goal of raising $30,000 after just three days on Kickstarter.

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Together Wear - World's first hugging hoodieYouTube

With the money, Chukcha will be able to produce the sweatshirts in five colors, experiment with new models and add another size to the list of available options.

Manufacturing is set to begin in June, and just a month later, happy huggers will receive their orders.