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Our '90s dream came true! Lisa Frank is launching a makeup line

Lisa Frank teamed up with the makeup brand Glamour Dolls and YouTuber Kandee Johnson for a line of beauty products.
/ Source: TODAY

It might be time to dust off those Technicolor Trapper Keepers.

The rumors are true: Lisa Frank is launching a makeup line. Frank teamed up with the beauty brand Glamour Dolls, a New Jersey-based company known for cruelty-free products in bright shades with spunky names. (A mauve lipstick called "Meowter Space"? We'll take it.)

"Our brand is bold and colorful and fun and it just aligns perfectly with her image and her brand," Jessica Romano, co-founder of Glamour Dolls, told TODAY Style.

The first product from the Lisa Frank and Glamour Dolls collaboration is a blush brush. Glamour Dolls

"We both grew up in the '80s," co-founder Peter Georgotas, said. "My sister had Lisa Frank stuff, so when I saw it, I was like, 'oh, I remember this!' She is a big name with a lot of emotional connection. She speaks to people in a universal way."

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While the Lisa Frank products we remember from the '80s and '90s — folders and notebooks printed with rainbow-colored unicorns and leopards, in case you've forgotten — were geared toward children, we're happy to report that the makeup line is very much adult-friendly. (As long as you're an adult who likes color!)

Only one product has been released so far: an angled blush brush that's available for presale at $4.99 on Glamour Dolls's website. Frank designed the artwork for the products, including the fun unicorn print that appears on the brush's handle. Future releases will include a liquid eyeliner, makeup bag, highlighter powder, mousse lip color and one product we'll only understand when we see it, the much-hyped "unicorn lippie," which happens to be Frank's favorite, Romano said.

"I was trying to make products that were universal not just to makeup junkies, but everybody," she added.

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The line is being funded on Kickstarter — more than $100,000 was quickly raised — and fans have a say in naming the products and selecting shades they want to see. As Georgotas explained, part of the fun is not only buying the products, but feeling like part of the process — especially for longtime Lisa Frank fans.

If you ever have a hard time keeping it together, jump back into the past when Trapper Keepers kept you organized, fresh, and sometimes, even a little funky.

One of those fans is makeup artist and YouTuber Kandee Johnson, who announced the launch.

"The line is geared toward that '80s and '90s kid that grew up loving all these fun colors, patterns, prints and characters, and wants a little more of that in their life," Johnson said in a video posted on the Kickstarter page. "I can't tell you how much I loved everything Lisa Frank as a kid, and I still love all kinds of Lisa Frank things. I even got to meet Lisa Frank, the real person, and she's adorable and awesome and so amazing, just like I always dreamed that she would be."

We can't wait to see more of what this collaboration has in store!