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Lips that rock! Geode-inspired 'crystal lips' are the gorgeous new trend

A hip, new beauty trend is bringing major bling to a surprising body part — the lips!
/ Source: TODAY

Jewelry is no longer restricted to living on your neck, wrists, fingers, ankles and earlobes. It officially has a newly deserved spot on your face.

Meet the trendy "crystal lips," which look just as magical as they sound.

Makeup artist Johannah Adams, who conceived the look and posts images of it on her popular Instagram account, is all about serious sparkle and shine. In an email to TODAY, Adams shared that she uses metallic colors, liquid glitter and an ombré effect to create the glitzy feeling that could give real geodes a run for their money.

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That's right, memorizing all of those stones in earth science class was all for good reason. You can even rock your birthstone or any other favorite gemstone in a bold new way.

Take a look at Adams' out-of-this-world creations for yourself! We're already rummaging through our old jewelry boxes searching for inspiration.

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This ultra-pretty match of metallic gold liner and soft pink crystals is serving up a heavy dose of eye candy.

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The days of unmatched jewelry and makeup are no longer. Rejoice, beauty lovers!