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Felicia & Eric

Houston, Texas

About the bride: Born and raised in Ohio, Felicia is currently an assistant district attorney in Galveston, Texas.

About the groom: Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Eric is currently a business systems analyst for JPMorgan Chase.

Time together: Two years

Engagement date: March 21, 2006

Why he's the one: "He's definitely man enough to be by my side through everything."

Why she's the one: "She's helped me realize that even though there are differences in people, we should love them for those differences."

It was a blind date that initially failed when Eric couldn't quite make an appearance. But after hearing about his missed opportunity with a great girl, he tried for a second time. It worked.

Felicia was born and raised in Ohio, but moved to Eric's hometown of Houston, Texas. Both of them had spent time building their careers and remained single. Their mutual friends thought the two of them would hit it off, and they were right. Felicia and Eric still consider their first date, which led to a romantic walk on the beach and a special first kiss, to be their best date ever.

A few weeks later, Eric's best friend died suddenly in a tragic car accident. Eric, who had never before experienced the death of a loved one, didn't know how to handle the news. Felicia saw how badly Eric was hurting and was immediately there to comfort and console him. Eric was deeply touched by Felicia's absolute generosity and love, and knew he wanted to take care of her whenever she needed him.

For Eric's 32nd birthday Felicia had promised Eric, who hates surprises, that she wouldn't plan a thing. But Eric was secretly asking Felicia's best friend to persuade Felicia into throwing a party for him, a celebration which would be the perfect opportunity to propose. Felicia was convinced and forced a knowing Eric out of the house on the day of his birthday. When he returned, everyone yelled "Surprise!" but they were looking at Felicia, not Eric. "What are you looking at me for?! He's over there!" Felicia cried, and as she did, Eric walked across the room and proposed to a teary-eyed Felicia. 

Eric says that he has found the one person he wouldn't mind arguing with for the rest of his life, and Felicia says she has never met anyone more patient and compassionate.

Sometimes blind dates can lead to love and for Felicia and Eric, this holds true. But for this couple love isn't blind at all, for they can clearly see how much they love each other.