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From Cindy Crawford to Adam Sandler: 15 celebrities turning 50 in 2016

Milestone birthdays have a way of jolting anyone, famous or not.

If you’re turning 50 in 2016, you’re in good company as lots of celebrities are reaching the half-century mark along with you. Many who became stars in their 20s and 30s continue to thrive in their careers; others are just beginning to reach their professional and creative peaks.

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Like many 50-somethings-to-be, they want to look good and feel better. They’re embracing aging, but also defying it with exercise regimens, careful diets and meticulous skin care.

For supermodel Cindy Crawford, who turns 50 in February, staying healthy and fit has no age limit.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
Cindy Crawford

"I always thought, 'When can I just let it all go?'… It's just never. There is no age now!" Crawford told People this month.

“(I’m) embracing turning 50 and celebrating the past, but at the same time I am embracing where I am.”

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A TODAY survey conducted in 2014 to mark Hoda Kotb’s 50th birthday found this time of life comes with higher life satisfaction and less stress. Among the findings:

  • Sixty-two percent of respondents in their 50s said they were satisfied with their lives
  • They really do feel wiser and more balanced than they used to
  • More than 68 percent of respondents said they were more confident in their 50s
  • More than half said they were satisfied with their physical appearance.

“I feel really lucky about where I am now: when you think about what’s in the rear view mirror and you think about what’s ahead,” Hoda said. “I can’t believe this is what 50 feels like.”

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Here’s a look at some of the famous faces who will celebrate their 50th birthday in 2016:

J.J. Abrams (center)
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Robin Wright
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Adam Sandler
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Janet Jackson
 / Getty Images
Patrick Dempsey
Salma Hayek
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John Cusack
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Helena Bonham Carter
 / Getty Images
David Schwimmer
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Halle Berry
 / Getty Images
Julianna Margulies
 / Getty Images
Fred Armisen
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Cynthia Nixon
Gabriel Bouys / Getty Images
Kiefer Sutherland

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