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Miss America contestants spill top beauty hacks for everyday life

No Vaseline-on-the-teeth tricks here. See what beauty hacks, tricks and tips these Miss America contestants use in their everyday lives.
/ Source: TODAY

With the Miss America competition coming up on Sunday, Sept. 13 at 9 p.m., asked contestants to share the ultimate beauty hack they use in everyday life. We're not talking Vaseline-on-the-teeth tricks and cooking-spray-on-bathing-suit-bottom style hacks that are so pageant specific. These are everyday, real-life tips that anyone can use.

So go ahead, use their well-tested knowledge for yourself!

Miss Massachusetts, Meagan Fuller

"I always cleanse and prime my face before applying anything (even on 'makeup-free' days). My go-to base products are witch hazel natural astringent and an SPF 30 BB cream or primer."

Miss Massachusetts
Miss MassachusettsCourtesy of Miss America

Miss Kentucky, Clark Davis

"When putting on fake eyelashes, let the glue sit for 30 seconds to a minute before putting them on. The glue gets 'tacky' and cuts the dry time in half."

Miss Kentucky
Miss KentuckyCourtesy of Miss America

Miss California, Bree Morse

"Toilet seat liners can be used as blotting cloths! When I find my skin a bit greasy, but don't have any blotting cloths or powder in my bag, I just grab a fresh one from a nearby restroom and it does the job."

Miss California
Miss California(c)2013 Derek Van Oss - / Courtesy of Miss America

Miss Montana, Danielle Wineman

"Find a good mascara. When it runs out, rinse off the brush and then dip it into a cheaper tube of mascara."

Miss Montana
Miss MontanaCourtesy of Miss America

Miss Texas, Shannon Sanderford

"Aquaphor works for EVERYTHING (chapped lips and skin, sore earlobes, makeup remover)."

Miss Texas
Miss TexasCourtesy of Miss America

Miss Louisiana, April Nelson

"You can use raw, unfiltered coconut oil for everything — moisturizer, hair mask, in food, to heal chapped lips or dry skin, to clean oil from you skin, remove makeup. It's a miracle!"

Miss Louisiana
Miss LouisianaCourtesy of Miss America

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Miss Georgia, Baciliky Cantrell

"I love putting a little white eyeliner on the waterline of your under eyelid. Doing this will brighten up your eyes, make them appear bigger and make you look much more awake!"

Miss Georgia
Miss Georgia© 2015 Matt Boyd Photography / Courtesy of Miss America

Miss Vermont, Alayna Westcom

"After a long day, soak your feet in a solution of salt and warm water, or warm vinegar and Listerine. It will not only make them feel great, but it will make them smooth as well."

Miss Vermont
Miss VermontWayne S. Tarr / Courtesy of Miss America

Miss Nevada, Katherine Kelley

"Apply your eye makeup before doing your foundation. This way, if you drop any eye shadow powder on your cheek, it's much easier to clean up!"

Miss Nevada
Miss NevadaCourtesy of Miss America

Miss South Carolina, Daja Dial

"'Baking' is a new makeup trend where you place loose powder under your eyes after applying concealer and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. After waiting, sweep the powder away and notice that your concealer is now set and you've highlighted under your eyes."

Miss South Carolina
Miss South CarolinaCourtesy of Miss America

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Miss Mississippi, Hannah Roberts

"An Advil gel cap is a great way to treat a pimple! Cut open the gel cap and place on the blemish, it will help with redness and swelling."

Miss Mississippi
Miss Mississippi© 2015 Matt Boyd Photography / Courtesy of Miss America

Miss Washington, Lizzi Jackson

"Use Milk of Magnesia as a primer to combat oily skin! As a woman with oily skin, I would always have a problem with having a shiny T-zone in pictures; regardless of having oil-free primer on. My mom told me about MoM, and the rest is history!"

Miss Washington
Miss WashingtonCourtesy of Miss America

Miss Puerto Rico, Destiny Velez

"Eat a doughnut before a competition so you can glow. Literally, your skin will glow more!"

Miss Puerto Rico
Miss Puerto RicoCourtesy of Miss America

Miss Rhode Island, Allie Curtis

"I am a firm believer in putting cool tea bags under my eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness."

Miss Rhode Island
Miss Rhode IslandCourtesy of Miss America

Miss Illinois, Crystal Davis

"Use conditioner in the shower to shave instead of shaving cream — it's cheaper and moisturizes your skin for a healthier, smoother glow."

Miss Illinois
Miss Illinois© 2015 Matt Boyd Photography / Courtesy of Miss America