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Makeup hack: How to fix broken bronzer and save every last drop

/ Source: TODAY

When you unpack a brand-new bronzer, it seems like a lifetime could pass before you reach the end of it. But because it's a beauty product we use often, the reality is unfortunately a whole lot shorter than that.

Stop relying on a few measly crumbles (guilty!) or, worse, tossing perfectly good makeup in the trash: is here to help with this easy, four-step solution.

Step 1: Don't panic!

Running low on your favorite, go-to bronzer? There's no need to panic.Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Instead of scrapping the bottom of a metal container, simply move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Add face moisturizer.

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Take your favorite face moisturizer (preferably with SPF) and add a healthy amount into the compact. The ratio should be about 1:1. As an alternative, you can break the remaining bronzer into smaller pieces and transfer them into a different tub or holder. A small Tupperware works just fine!

Step 3: Mix it up.

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Using a spoon, stirrer or opposite end of a makeup brush, mix the powder with the lotion. Don't be afraid to break up any remaining solid pieces.

Step 4: Lather it on.

Stephania Stanley / TODAY

Now you have a tinted moisturizer in the perfect shade for your skin tone ... without wasting a drop.

Makeup hacks!Stephania Stanley