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Zac Efron is ready to cut loose in ‘Footloose’

Let’s hear it for the boy! Twenty-three years after he saved the day (and the dance) in “Footloose,” Kevin Bacon is happily passing his dancing shoes to someone who already knows a thing or two about cutting loose in high school: Zac Efron. Both Efron and Bacon spoke to “Access Hollywood” about a brand-new “Footloose” in the works at Paramount Pictures.Efron is resurrecting Bacon’s role of Ren in a remake of the ’80s film, which tells the story of a Chicago teen who moves to a small town where dancing and rock music have been banned.But the young heartthrob told “Access” that he has no intention of trying to imitate Bacon in the movie.“No, I could never be Kevin Bacon,” said Efron. “Kevin is so talented. He made such an iconic film. I don’t think I could ever recreate that, but, then again, that’s not really what we’re setting out to do.”It’s a huge year for the “High School Musical 2” star. His other musical, “Hairspray,” opens Friday, July 20.

Efron told “Access” how he’s making this new “Footloose” fresh. “The challenge is always, ‘How do you approach that without remaking the film to a T?’” said Efron. “I’m not worried about that, because I don’t think I could do what Kevin Bacon does in the film. I’m gonna try to do something different, (but) equally exciting.” And could that “something different” involve singing? After all, like “Hairspray,” “Footloose” was adapted into a stage musical based on the original film.

“Yeah, you should hear the classic songs (in the film), but I think we’re leaning on the side of making it a full-fledged musical,” Efron revealed. “So you could hear a few of the songs actually become ‘break into song and dance’ musical numbers. I’m willing to try anything. Who knows, who knows?”Whatever he tries, one thing’s for sure — Efron has Bacon’s blessing!

Bacon was jamming with his brother at an event “Access’” Maria Menounos hosted in Baltimore — The Netflix Live Series — where Bacon was celebrating the 25th anniversary of his movie, “Diner.”“I think it’s great,” Bacon said. “If I could, I’d write a song (for it)!”