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Yuck! ‘Real Worlder’ plays nasty toilet prank

Ryan Leslie says he was sickened after his New Orleans roommate, Preston Roberson-Charles, urinated on his toothbrush and used the instrument to scrub out a toilet.
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It hasn’t even aired yet, but an alleged incident involving two cast members from “The Real World: New Orleans” is already making headlines.

Ryan Leslie contacted the New Orleans authorities alleging his roommate, Preston Roberson-Charles, urinated on his toothbrush and used the instrument to scrub out a toilet.

According to the police report obtained by and posted on The Times-Picayune Web site, Leslie says he was forced to visit the hospital after becoming sick — something he said was caused by the alleged toothbrush incident.

“I got into a argument with my roomate (sic) preston,” Leslie wrote in his handwritten statement to the police. “In the argument preston stated that he was going to do something to my belongings. Preston later came in my room and took my tooth brush (sic) off the counter and scrubbed the inside of the toilet and urinated on my toothbrush. I wasn’t aware of this and continued to use my toothbrush.

“I soon started to get a sore throat and began to get a fever,” Leslie’s statement continued. “It was extremly (sic) painful and only got worst (sic). I went to urgent care and was tested for strep and mono both came back negative but I was diagnosed with a viral infection.”

The upcoming reality star, who, according to several “Real World” fan sites is a hairdresser from Arizona, says he was given antibiotics and a steroid shot for the pain.

The police took down information from one of the MTV “Real World” producers when they visited the scene and noted the house was under surveillance, however, the police report did not note if any footage was taken in as evidence. The toothbrush, made by Sonicare, was taken into evidence.

It is unclear whether Roberson-Charles filed a statement.

A spokesperson for the New Orleans Police Department told the newspaper that no charges have been filed and that Leslie may have just wanted the alleged incident documented.

“Just because the report is written, that doesn’t necessarily always mean it’s a crime,” Officer Garry Flot told the paper.

The Officer also told the paper, “This is a reality show,” he said. “So who’s to say this wasn’t done just for some publicity.”

The home the alleged incident happened in is owned by Baron Davis, a basketball star, who previously played for the New Orleans Hornets and now plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. It is currently up for sale by Sotheby’s.

A rep for MTV did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Access Hollywood.

“Real World: New Orleans” is expected to air on MTV later this year.