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Your nominees for least talented are:

Okay, so who has gotten the farthest on the least amount of talent. Wendell Wittler gave you his choices. Here are some of your favorite nominees:

Ed McMahon. All he was for 30 plus years was somebody's sidekick...amazing!”—Michael J. Quinn, Morris Township, N.J.

Colin Farrell. Who is he blackmailing? What other ‘celebrity’ would be allowed to headline dud movie after dud movie like he has? Guess what, Hollywood, nobody likes this guy but you...”—Mike Doumitt, Alexandria, Va.

“The list of rap ‘artists’ worthy of the group that go far with very little talent is so notoriously B.I.G., it would fill Library of Congress. Just misspell the word of your choice and J.Lo and behold, it's EZ to find one.”—Name withheld

Godzilla. Twenty-eight films? On that talent? And you thought Affleck was coasting.”—RD, Davidson N.C.

Sylvester Stallone. Half his face droops, he is barely understandable and when he is playing stupid characters like Rocky and Rambo, I don't think he is acting but rather playing himself.”—Steve Haines, Collegevillle Penn.

Jim Carrey. Put him in front of an audience of any size and you can see the entire depth and breadth of his talent in 10 minutes or less. After that, it's just Jim Carey imitating Jim Carrey.”—Name withheld, Las Vegas, Nev.

“Oh, for sure its Carmen Electra. Can anyone tell me why she is famous again? She is all over the place with reality TV shows, walking the red carpet, etc. Surely one season on ‘Baywatch’ can’t make someone eternally famous?”—Ben, Albuquerque

Val Kilmer. A musical ‘Ten Commandments’? Come on!”—Name withheld

Jennifer Lopez. She doesn't sing, she talks on her albums. Her acting is okay but is she really taking on such heavy dramatic roles? She can dance but so can a lot of people — especially when you can pay to hire a professional choreographer. She will never win any respectable awards: Grammy, Emmy, Oscar, etc.”—Susan, Princeton

Jean Smart. Why is this woman on every TV movie of the week? Why is she a constant guest star on so many sitcoms. Can this woman act? It seems like she plays the same character over and over and over again. Does she have dirt on all the TV producers in America?”—Gary Goldstein, Escondido, Calif.

Sharon Stone. Why is she such a big deal? All she does is show up to benefits and parties. She's not even pretty.”—Cindy, Whittier

Tom Cruise. If I had a dollar for every time he played the cocky character who realizes he has a heart after all (aaawwww), whether in a period piece (‘The Last Samurai’) or in a freakin’ race car (‘Days of Thunder’) or plane...or as a sports agent...or...or...I'd be richer than he is. What an overrated typecast actor. ”—Kate Morse, Middle Falls

Gwyneth Paltrow. Just any movie she is in makes me sick. Specially her monotone voice and bad posture. Not to mention everybody's insistence that her career had nothing to do with her father. Yeah right!”—Monica, San Juan, P.R.

Nicolas Cage of course! He has absolutely NO acting talent. I was furious when they gave him an Oscar. I just chalk it up to too much booze at the Academy voting party that night. He plays the same character in every movie, just different plots. His ‘just got outta bed’ deadpan face and his mumbling line delivery are the same through every project he's done. No wonder he changed is name from Coppola so people wouldn't expect him to actually have talent.”—Curtisse, Rochester

Pamela Anderson Lee. The world's best argument for how far one can go on a spectacular pair of breasts and no discernible talent.”—Drew, Washington D.C.

Howard Stern should top ANY list of the least amount of talent in show biz. The man has zero talent. His only claim to fame is a willingness to hype sex, porn stars and bathroom humor. Without that what you have is a well paid show biz personality that brings absolutely nothing to the table. Nothing.”—Jerry Welch, Ennis, Mont.

Brad Pitt, is he really more than just another pretty face? I liked him in a couple of movies in the early 1990s, but he hasn't been in anything really entertaining since he guested on TV's ‘Friends.’”—Sue, Crystal Lake, Ill.

“Wow. You forgot Johnny Depp (though I totally agree on most of your picks). I still don't understand why pretending like you're a drunk pirate gets you respect.”—Amber Sparks, Billings, Mont.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Josh Hartnett. Hate to break it to them, but as soon as they got done with their major movies (‘Titanic’ and ‘Pearl Harbor’), their careers both hit rock bottom faster than a movie with Ben Affleck in it.”—Name withheld

“There are so many, but Rod Stewart is right up there. The few good years — the Gasoline Alley years — and now croaking out ‘standards.’ Gross.”—Ruth, Greeley, Colo.

Julia Roberts!! Though she's a Southern girl — and I love to root for fellow Southerners — Julia is basically the same character in every movie. There are no new mannerisms, expressions, emotional nuances to justify her salary and popularity. She's mediocre!”—Dee West, Huntsville, Ala.

David Caruso is so over the top that he makes William Shatner look shy. Between his "posing" with his hands on his hips, spreading his jacket to look like a full-grown man, to his gestures involving his sunglasses, he is so predictable, he has become a joke in our household.”—Robert Lowell, Casselberry, Fla.

Bruce Willis - Mr. Smirk. He always has a smirk on his face; he doesn't really know how to act.”—Joan Francis, Austin, Texas

“My love for Chris Walken leads me to nominate Jon Voight, a shameless, talentless overacting windbag with nary a memorable performance. The new tragic ‘National Treasure’ exemplifies his paper-thin veneer. I know Chris Walken; Chris Walken is a friend of mine. Jon Voight, you're no Chris Walken.”—Peter Bockhorst, Kingsport, Tenn.

Jude Law. Another pretty boy trying to take the place of Ben Affleck. Acting talent but the body of a prepubescent adolescent. Trying to make him an action hero is pretty much a stretch. Banished to the chick flick world forever. One Hollywood flop after another. When will Hollywood learn?”—Victor, Austin

Vin Diesel. I've never watched one of his movies and thought, ‘Wow, he's on his way to an Oscar.’”—Helen Burge, New Braunfels

“Gotta be Britney Spears. She has a great future in trailers though (and I don't mean selling them).”—Joanne, Anaheim

Renee Zellweger would be one of my choices for ‘new Hollywood non-talents.’ I recently caught ‘Down with Love’ and just wanted to bang my head on the floor every time she spoke.”—Tim Eversole, Seattle Wash.

“The fact that Steve Guttenberg starred in anything that didn't have ‘defendant’ immediately following his name is a crime.”—Name withheld

Kevin Costner. From the very first performance I saw him in, I couldn't understand how a guy with so little acting abilities could have lasted this long. He has received the RAZZY award for bad acting three times!”—Jim Sponseller, Rochester Hills, Mich.

Katie Couric. Her interviewing technique is just awful. The faces. The overdramatic (non-sincere) responses. And Matt just makes her look worse.” —Linda Smerick, Cleveland Ohio

John Wayne. I know, millions of people will be mad at me, but he had one voice. Monotone. Some of his movies (i.e.: ‘The Quiet Man’) could have been wonderful with someone else in the starring role.”—Name withheld

“Are you kidding me? gotten the furthest with the least amount of talent: George W. Bush.”—Scott Johnson, Los Angeles