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Will Kim Kardashian's Wedding Be Bigger Than Kate Middleton's?

We know you're still nursing a high-tea hangover from last month's royal wedding, but it's time to man up and get serious, because none other than the reigning queen of reality TV (not Snooki, the other one) is planning to tie the knot.
/ Source: E!online

We know you're still nursing a high-tea hangover from last month's royal wedding, but it's time to man up and get serious, because none other than the reigning queen of reality TV (not Snooki, the other one) is planning to tie the knot.

E! star Kim Kardashian has announced her intention to make NBA player Kris Humphries the most photographed man on the planet by joining him in holy matrimony, and Khlo Kardashian Odom, for one, is expecting " royal wedding No. 2."

Quite the pronouncement, sure. But, starting with her ring finger, we have every reason to believe that Kim will do her best to relegate Kate Middleton to second-most-talked-about bride of the year.

Can it be? Is the Wedding of the Century about to be topped?

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BLING-A-DING-DING: Kim has already bested her little sis when it comes to engagement ringage, her 16.5-carat diamond flanked by a pair of 2-carat stones outshining the paltry 9-carat rock Lamar Odom bestowed on Khlo two years ago. How does it compare to Kate's, though? Well, the Duchess of Cambridge is sporting an 18.5-carat "commoner's sapphire"-and-diamond ring that once belonged to Princess Diana. Kim's bauble has been priced at more than $2 million, but Kate's possibly cursed ring is kinda priceless, when you think about it. (Technically, however, the royal ring, which cost $60,000 in 1981, would now cost about about $500,000 to recreate.)

YES TO THE DRESS: Shhh, do you hear that? It's the sound of dozens of designers sharpening their scissors in hopes of being the One to design Kim Kardashian's wedding dress. Speculation as to what and who Kim will wear on her most important moment in the spotlight will indeed rival the anticipation surrounding Kate's gown, we guarantee it. (Whether the finished product rivals Kate's Sarah Burton-designed stunne r in taste and chicness remains to be seen.)

PRICE TAG: Estimates put the cost of the royal wedding at $50 million to $70 million (from flowers to military-grade security), with the groom's family picking up most of the tab and the parents of the bride pitching in for the dress and whatnot. Noted L.A. wedding planner Beth Helmstetter tells E! News that the cost of Kim's big day could easily start at $1 million and then skyrocket--but that a host of vendors will probably be eager to donate their goods and services in return for all that publicity. "As Hollywood royalty, Kim definitely can take a different spin on her day and truly show off her personality while still being regal and classic," Helmstetter says. "To make the day that much more unique to the couple, having a structure built especially for the day would be the way to ensure it is every bit Kim. This would allow her and her event designer to choose everything from the flooring to the wall coverings as well as allow her to add unique and personal moments such as custom pews built with each guests name carved into them as a way to include their entire community of friends and family in their union."

BRIDAL PARTY: Queen Elizabeth probably won't be able to make it, but Kim's family tree sure doesn't lack for limbs. Kate had Pippa and the adorable pouting bridesmaid, but Kim's got Khlo, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie. And Kris is bringing sisters Krystal and Kaela to the table, believe it or not!

GUEST LIST: Around 1,900 invitations summoned the crme de la crme of society to Westminster Abbey to watch Kate and Prince William tie the knot. While we're thinking Kim's big day will be a bit more intimate (unless they rent out a stadium), you can bet a far bigger batch of celebrities and pro athletes will make the list. (Maybe not as many exes, though...) And whatever the Kardashian-Humphries nuptials lacks in hats, it will surely make up in cleavage.

COME ONE, COME ALL: It was originally estimated that a billion people would tune in to watch William and Kate swap vows in real time. In reality, only about 22.8 million people caught the ceremony on TV--but another 400 million watched on YouTube alone. So yes, you heard it here first: E! and E! Online cordially invite 400 million of you to watch Kim's wedding.

KA-CHING: And while all Kate got for her efforts was a lousy title (or three), Kim stands to pad her bank account. Industry insiders are estimating that exclusive domestic rights to her wedding photos could go for $2 million, with international rights selling for another $1 million (and rogue paparazzi shots going for a premium, thanks to all the exclusivity). "Kim's wedding photos will be more valuable than pictures of Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding simply because hundreds of photographers had almost the same photos of the royal couple and, of course, there were official photos released by the palace," says Marco Gonzalez, a senior reporter for celeb-photo site X17 Online. "Kim will likely do a deal with a major magazine for the exclusive coverage of her big day, but candid shots of her could launch a huge bidding war between the other magazines that aren't getting the 'official' shots."

Oh, and if you think we're just blowing smoke, remember, it isn't just the home team that's rooting for Kim.

"Kim's popularity is global," Gonzalez says. "Every detail of her life is chronicled by magazines and newspapers in England, France, Hungary, Croatia, Thailand--you name it. It's as if the entire world is watching the Kardashians."

--Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz and Marcus Mulick

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