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Why are these two singers still on ‘Idol’?

Readers shocked that Fedorov, Savol remain
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"American Idol" fans are finding that it's very tough to predict which singer will be sent home each week. For several weeks now, our readers have been shocked that Scott Savol and Anthony Fedorov have still clung to life while singers like Jessica Sierra, Nikko Smith and now have gotten tickets home.

Here's just some of your recent feedback on the various contestants — and a few thoughts on the judges.

“Nadia Turner was a star long before AI! It’s amazing how so-called professionals in the business Simon, Randy and Paula (like I would take voice lessons from her) could shoot her performance down because they didn’t recognize the song.  What if it was an original piece, then what?  I’m even more disturbed that the AI audience buys into the 3 stupids comments and votes according to what they say.  Sit up and listen people!”  --KC

“Nadia has the voice, the presence but she chooses the wrong songs in an effort to be different.  Wednesday night was a sad night in my family.”  --Monica

“Nadia had to leave.  She kept singing songs she related to, forgetting the audience in general.  Scott is doing the same thing.  When I buy a CD, I want something that I can relate to and enjoy, not songs that reflect the performer's life.  If you want to sing about yourself, do it in the shower not on TV.”  --Louis

“Oh, Nadia. Good riddance! She couldn't carry a tune in a bucket; she was off key, out of tune, boring, and the clothes she wore were totally inappropriate (I have no idea why Paula liked that thing she had on. What is it with Paula?). Carrie Underwood will win the whole thing, you'll see.”  --Anonymous

“My absolute favorite is Anthony, has been from the very beginning.  He has THE best voice of all of them.  Listen to him people!  He is never off key, he is never flat.  He's the bomb!”    --Nancy

“The next person that should be put off is Anthony F. He just does not scream American Idol. His songs are often boring and his stage presence is not strong.”  --Lola

“Anthony is boring and is not a very good singer.  I'm trying hard to figure out why he is still in the competition.”  --Gina

“Anthony Fedorov should have been voted off.  He's horrible.  Nadia's not that great, but she's way better than Fedorov.  Fedorov should have been the one to leave instead of Nikko!  He's like that horrible red-headed kid from last year who stayed on the show while all the good people were voted off. If Fedorov doesn't leave next week, I'm picketing in front of Fox studios.”  --McClay

“Anwar should be the next American Idol -- his talent is so superior to everyone else’s. We shall see.”  --Cindy

“Anwar has no talent. All he can do is sing love ballads and impersonate Stevie Wonder, only Anwar doesn't have a piano on stage. He should have gone a long time ago; he has no stage presence, and "boring" doesn’t do his voice justice in the least. I think Simon is right, I mean he's like watching a little cute four-year-old perform at a preschool talent show for Grandparent's Day.”  --Anonymous

“Bo Bice should be kicked off next...he can’t sing...all he sings are rock songs...he can’t change notes or hold one for a long time and he can’t sing anything but rock songs...I wonder how he would sing a country song.  Worse than what he is doing now, I'm sure.”  --Teresa

“Wednesday's result, Bo being in the bottom three, can be explained by rock fan votes. Bo's fan base is limited to rock fans. Constantine's Queen performance must have changed their usual voting pattern.  Actually, I was one of those fans.  I have never expected him to do so well.”    --KA

“I cannot believe that Bo was in the bottom...I refuse to believe it. Bo in the bottom 3 over Anwar, HELLO!  Not to mention Anthony!  I smell something fishy!”  --Lisa

CONSTANTINE” I must give Constantine credit for two things: he had a lot of nerve to sing that difficult a song, and he did actually sing it very well. He is inferior to the other singers, though and I predict he will be voted off in oh, three weeks. Carrie will win.”  --Anonymous

“I'd like to see Constantine Maroulis win it all because I think he has what it takes to be the next Idol and it seems that when he picks songs to sing each week he remembers that he's a rocker and that's the type of songs that he should do and as long as he sticks with songs like that than I think he can make it to the finals.”    --Sharon

“Rooting for Constantine M.  Love his voice; he proved he CAN sing when he slowed it down a few weeks ago for a more ballad-like pop song, although that is not my favorite style of singing.  He's just eaten up with cuteness, and extremely photogenic, which you can't deny is important.  He's a big money winner, I would say.”    --Emile

“Scott will not win, and the public is only prolonging his pain until he gets cut.”  --Melanie

“Scott should have went. In fact, he should have went long ago. I haven't liked him since I saw his "attitude problem" when he was supposed to sing with 2 other guys during the auditions. This man has a definite attitude problem and should not be connected with American Idol.”  --Nancy

“Scott needs to say to America "A VOTE FOR ME IS A VOTE AGAINST SIMON!" Simon is a wienie and everybody but Scott is sucking up to him. Go get 'em Scott! You have the best voice out there.”  --Chip

FEMALE FINALISTS:CARRIE” I love Carrie, but she really needs to work on her stage presence and learn to play to the audience.” –Debbie

“I guess it's now up to Carrie to win.  She's the only other one with star potential.  I've always thought she and Nadia would be the last 2, but now I'm expecting anything!” –Betty

“Certainly we are pulling for Carrie Underwood.  She is just as nice as she is pretty.”    --Carol

VONZELL"Vonzell did quite well as far as vocals and performance go, I have to confess. But her personality is just annoying, irritating, and all the other synonyms for annoying. Carrie Underwood will be the next American Idol.”  --Anonymous

“I will root for Vonzell to win it all. She has a great, clear voice with a nice range and she also has great stage presence.”  --LolaSIMON SAYS“Face it—America is listening to Simon . Even if a contestant sounds great on TV , but if Simon doesn’t like it, that contestant is out the next show . So its more like “Simon’s Idol.”     --MJ

GOODBYE, PAULA“Paula Abdul should be the next voted off. She can no longer be objective about the contestants and she is rude when it comes to letting other judges give their opinion. She can't detect a flat or sharp note because she's too emotionally involved.”     --Anonymous