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Who will leave ‘Idol’this week?

Many think Savol or Fedorov is next
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Some fans were really surprised to see middle-school teacher Anwar Robinson leave "American Idol" last week. Many viewers were expecting to see Anthony Fedorov or Scott Savol go before Robinson.

Who will go this week? Our readers are very divided in their predictions. Here are just some of your comments.

“I finally figured out what was making the way Anthony moves look so awkward to me.  When he dances he kind of does this little air hump thing where he rocks his hips at a diagonal.  I used to hate him but last week’s performance was a little endearing.  He was one of the few contestants (along with Vonzell and Bo) that let loose and got a little funky with it for the 70’s dance theme.  Good job Anthony you made me hate you a little less.”    --Kelli

“I really believe that Anthony is getting “sympathy votes” for all of his childhood struggles. I think the fact that the doctors told him that he would never talk, and now he is on AI singing, I think that people are voting for him for that reason and not on his vocal ability. There is NO WAY, that he should still be in the competition this late in the game. He is mediocre at best. Top 32 yes, but top 10, no way. I think people always want the underdog to win. But this is about selling records. HONESTLY, who would buy an Anthony Federov CD?”  --Patricia

“I love Anthony.  He is certainly not a Clay Aiken wannabe.   He has a style all of his own.  The next one to go will either be Anthony or Scott and that is not my personal choice, but I’m sure the call in vote will prevail.”    --Donna

“Anthony is definitely NOT nor will he ever be another Clay.  Taking off the glasses and messing up his hair doesn’t make him a Clay wannabe.  Clay has the honest, pure vocal talent everyone wishes they had.  He should have won.  Only problem I find with Clay now is that he’s becoming a Diva (if you listen to tabloid reports).”  --Teresa

“Anthony Federov IS a Clay wannabe without the pipes. There’s no denying he’s got a good voice, but so do alot of people that sing in the shower! He has yet to sing a song that he sounds like he can identify with! He too, is boring! He belongs in a theme park or on Broadway!”    --Karen

BO””I think that Bo should win but if he loses to Carrie or Vonzell or Constantine then I would feel like it was the voice of America. If Scott or Anthony win I won’t waste my time anymore on this show because the rumors of people voting to sabotage the outcome have to be true.”    --Jeanette

“Bo is electric when he’s performing... let’s face it, did we really expect him to bring it home during “musicals” week... give me a break.”    --Laura

“Bo has a lot of heart and it shows when he sings. When he performs, he inspires you to feel what he feel. I think he is the best singer and the best performer we have ever seen on AI.”    --Gloria

“I vote for Constantine, because he can sing, and he really has star potential.  He is an actor and can handle different types of music well.”  --B.C.

“I think that Constantine will win. He gets better every week and he has got the girls on his side.”    --LeAnne

“Constantine Maroulis is a fascinating package of talents waiting to be discovered. Each week, another facet of this versatile entertainer emerges.  Who is the real Constantine? In his words, “I just try and bring a lot of different flavors, and hopefully people dig it.” Yes, Constantine, I am digging it! You get my vote to win American Idol!”    --Karen

“I am routing all the way for Constantine Maroulis.  OK he has the ALL FACTOR they keep talking about the X factor--- What about the A factor—ALL Factor.  He has got the style- he has got the voice and OMG has he got the looks. Constatine makes straight guys think about their sexuality and girls go crazy—what person in America would not want Constitine look at them with those kick ass eyes-sing them to sleep- and look at when you wake up...HE IS A GREEK GOD.”    --Christopher

“Scott Savol’s attitude should have gotten him booted off a long time ago.  When he hears the judges’ comments, he doesn’t even smile.  He has the worst attitude of all of them.  I really wonder about the sanity of anyone who votes for him.”  --Kathy

“I think Scott Savol should be voted off next because he is getting quite boring.  He does the same thing every week... sing his song and wobble around like a penguin for 2 minutes.”      --Austin

“Scott Savol has an excellent voice, he just needs to step out of the box, with confidence. I know that’s hard when you’re constantly in the bottom three, but if you don’t believe in yourself, don’t ask me to! He really needs to pull out something this week. When he auditioned, he sang a Luther Vandross tune. Everyone fell in love with him! I think we need a reminder of why he’s there! C’mon Scott! I’m pulling for you!”    --Karen

FEMALE FINALISTS:CARRIE“Carrie’s voice and look are outstanding. She should be the winner... she’ll get all the experience performing she needs over the next year or so.”    --Laura

“I honestly think Carrie is the weakest. When she sings country she is dead on but nothing else rings true to me.”    --Cindy

“I think Carrie is getting smug lately. We don’t need anymore stuck up blondes. She has changed in actions since the show is going to her head.”    --Anonymous

“I like Carrie, I think that her and Bo are cute when they flirt on air together!”    --Jessica

VONZELL”I think Vonzell will and should win because she can sing, she has a great spark, and she fits the “mold” shall I say.”  --Janet

“I am rooting for Vonzell to win it all because she is pretty, talented, has personality and class!”    --Katherine

“Vonzell...Mmmm, aside from the name, I think she’s great. She’s beautiful, she could sing to me anyday.”    --Dre

QUOTE OF THE DAY:“They should bring Anwar back just so they can kick him off again he was dull.”    --Allen