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Who’s the next tabloid pregnancy story?

Another star’s announcement could knock Britney off the front page
/ Source: The Associated Press

Britney Spears is eating for two now, so what other celebrity pregnancy would gobble up the headlines?

The Associated Press asked three lifestyle authors which baby announcement would top Spears’ big news, which she revealed Tuesday. Here’s what they had to say — from the possible to the improbable:

Jennifer LopezLopez sparked rumors after canceling a trip to London in February. Jenny from the block bared her midriff during New York Fashion Week, but the loose-fitting dress she wore for her Grammy performance led to whispers. Lisa Earle McLeod, co-author of “Forget Perfect,” doesn’t think J.Lo is ready for M.hood.

“She can change out husbands and boyfriends, but babies don’t go away,” McLeod said Wednesday.

Lopez, who shied away from revealing her marriage to Marc Anthony after her much publicized breakup with Ben Affleck, could use pregnancy as a promotional tool, McLeod said. However, Lissa Marie Coffey, author of “What’s Your Dosha, Baby?” thinks Lopez has used up her time in the limelight.

“Nobody would care at this point,” said Coffey. “We’ve already been through all the ups and downs with her.”

Potential baby buzz: One out of five home pregnancy tests.

Demi Moore
Almost as much tabloid ink has been spilled on speculation about a potential pregnancy for Moore (already the mother of three daughters) and her young beau, Ashton Kutcher.

“There’s already been so many rumors about her that the initial shock is over,” said Jen Singer, author of “14 Hours ’Til Bedtime.”

Potential baby buzz: Two out of five home pregnancy tests.

Jessica SimpsonSimpson and Spears have long been compared. Would the news of a Simpson-Nick Lachey baby top Spears’ announcement?

“Considering all the gossip about their marriage falling apart, a Jessica Simpson pregnancy would trump Britney,” said Singer. “It would prove the naysayers wrong.”

Potential baby buzz: Three out of five home pregnancy tests.

Jennifer AnistonAniston’s surprising split from Brad Pitt sent a shock wave through the world of tabloids. Would an Aniston baby be just as startling? That all depends.

“There’d be all this speculation on who’s the daddy,” said Coffey. “People would talk.”

“If she was a mom, she’d be a single mom,” said McLeod. “I suspect it would be harder than any role she’s ever played.”

Potential baby buzz: Three out of five home pregnancy tests.

Angelina JolieMany tabloids pointed the finger at Jolie, Pitt’s co-star in the upcoming film, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” when Aniston and Pitt split. Jolie, who adopted a son from Cambodia during her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton, has denied a romantic link with Pitt.

“We’d have to have a grid on the cover of Star magazine with all the possible fathers,” McLeod said.

Said Singer: “That would be juicy. She has made no bones about how she has several different lovers.”

Potential baby buzz: Four out of five home pregnancy tests.

Oprah WinfreyOK, OK. Winfrey is 50, but motherhood could happen.

“Oprah would be an amazing mother,” said McLeod. “However, the rest of us would miss her dearly. She’d probably realize you can’t host a talk show, publish a magazine, run an empire and be a hands-on mom.”

“It’s not gonna happen,” said Coffey. “I’m sure Oprah going through menopause is likely to make more headlines than Britney being pregnant.”

Potential baby buzz: Five out of five home pregnancy tests.