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While Jen's away, Ben (and Matt) will play

Affleck, Damon do a little flirting during Berlin get-together. By Jeannette Walls
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While Jen is away, Ben will play. Ben Affleck made headlines some months ago when he visited a strip joint, shortly before he was supposed to get hitched to Jennifer Lopez. Last weekend, a goateed Affleck visited Berlin to promote “Paycheck” and according to reports, he was out partying it up with his buddy Matt Damon, who’s in Germany shooting “Bourne Supremacy.”

The pair went to a Berlin nightclub called 90 Grad and flirted with local ladies, particularly three babes, a blonde and two dark haired women, according to reports. The two left the club at 4:30 a.m.

Affleck’s rep couldn’t be reached for comment, but the star reportedly still intends to get hitched to J. Lo someday.

Prince or court jester?

Britain's Prince Charles visits the Hereford Have breast cancer center in Hereford, western England, January 7, 2004. The Prince's former wife, Princess Diana, was front page news again on January 6 as the opening of the British inquest into her death in a 1997 Paris car crash coincided with a British tabloid newspaper naming Charles as the person she suspected of plotting to kill her. REUTERS/POOL/Barry BatchelorPool / X80003

Prince Charles -- already under a cloud after the revelation that the late Princess Diana claimed he wanted her dead -- isn’t doing much for Ozzy Osbourne’s health, either.

The prince sent a bottle of scotch to Osbourne, who is recovering from injuries he sustained when his ATV crashed. The aging rocker is also a recovering alcoholic, who completely avoids alcohol.

“The Osbournes weren’t offended by it,” says a source. “It’s fine scotch. It will be drunk, but Ozzy won’t get any.”

Notes from all over

Jude Law arrives to the premiere screening ofJennifer Graylock / GRAYLOCK

You can see evidence of Jude Law's hairpiece in "Cold Mountain," according to “Near the end of the movie … he is lying on his back with Nicole Kidman leaning over his face. In the shot, looking up at Kidman past Law’s left ear, you can see the webbing for Law’s wig on his left temple.” . . .  Kidman, meanwhile, has already decided where she wants to be buried. The “Cold Mountain” star says she has always been fascinated by graveyards, and told the Daily Express she has picked out one in a Sydney churchyard. “I have never made love in a cemetery,” she added. “That would be too macabre. Though I have kissed in one.” . . .  Diane Keaton dreaded smooching Keanu Reeves in “Something’s Gotta Give.” “I was much more comfortable in kissing scenes with Jack because, like me, Jack’s physically imperfect, and Keanu, who I like very much, is perfect,” Keaton said in the London Express. “I’m very happy to look at perfection but I don’t know if I want to mingle with it. I felt embarrassed with Keanu because it didn’t feel like we should be together -- and I’m sure it wasn’t easy for him either. It was probably like kissing his mother.”

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