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Walter Cronkite to host MTV special

The show will focus on employment issues facing young adults.

Walter who?

Previous generations knew Walter Cronkite as “the most trusted man in America,” but many MTV viewers weren’t alive when Cronkite signed off as the “CBS Evening News” anchorman in 1981.

Still, MTV announced Wednesday that the 87-year-old Cronkite will be host of a special on employment issues facing young adults that will air May 25.

“With college graduation approaching and millions of young adults looking for work, we felt that it was important to put this issue in perspective for the MTV audience,” said Dave Sirulnick, MTV’s executive vice president of news and production. “The presence of Walter Cronkite in the special will add gravitas and a historical perspective to this complex issue.”

On the special, “MTV Choose or Lose: Work It,” the network will follow five young adults as they compete for one entry level position. Through it, Cronkite will help explain such issues as underemployment, outsourcing and the growth of temp jobs.