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Viewers squabble over‘American Idol’ favorites

Scott Savol especially stirs controversy
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Nikko Smith was one of only a few singers who got a second chance on "American Idol." But the Comeback Kid ran out of chances on the most recent show, and Smith , this time for good.

Here are some of your thoughts on who's singing well and who'd better improve, or join Smith on the plane home. While Smith was ousted, Scott Savol garnered the most comments, for his singing ability and for his .

“I liked Nikko and thought he has a great voice. It is also my belief that Nikko could out-sing Scott Savol any day of the week.”  --Tina

“Yes, Nikko deserved to leave, I wish they had brought back Travis Tucker instead of him.”  --Angela

“Anthony, Scott and Anwar should have been kicked off before Nikko. Nikko reminds us all of the Ushers and Justin Timberlake’s who are dominating today’s charts. None of the others even remotely screams pop artists except Carrie.”  --Robin

“I think Anthony should go.  I cannot understand why Anthony and Scott are still here.  The worst moment of ‘American Idol’ was when Jessica got voted off.  Is America deaf?”  --Pat

“Anthony’s comparison to Clay Aiken (including his current make over) will ruin his chances because we already have a Clay.”  --Anthony

“Anwar, Anwar, Anwar …He cannot sing in tune.  Off key all the time.”  --Marsha

“I am sincerely hoping to see Anwar win this contest. He has the face, the voice and the stage presence.  Really the only way I can base a decision on who should win is, Would I buy this persons CD?  I would have to answer no to every one except Anwar and Carrie. Carrie is the best female.  She has a very nice voice, but in my head it kind of blends with all the other female country singers, whereas Anwar’s voice stands out for me.”  --Beth

BO“GO BO!  BO!  BO!  Wouldn’t this be refreshing.  Bo would bring a whole new feel to the American Idol.  He would also have a great following, not the same old tween/teen fans!  I would love to see him go all the way!”   --Dawn

“Bo Bice should have been in the bottom three (even though I like Bo) and can’t stand Constantine because of his hideous camera crap!”    --Joanne

“I am really becoming a fan of Constantine’s.  He really should stick to pop style music and not so much the rock n roll.”  --Mya

“Constantine Maroulis ... it’s time for him to go. His vocals are weak and he has no business at the top of this competition. Relying on his hair, expressions and presence on stage to take him along in a competition that is supposed to be about great vocals first and foremost. Let him rest and get back to his band for a neighborhood garage tour.”    --Anonymous

“Scott should have been the one to leave. Do you mean to tell me that the judges did not hear that crack in Scott’s voice as he ended?”  --Shanti

“Scott Savol you are my man!  You have some real soul baby!”  --Jennifer

“I have never liked Savol, his attitude from the show when he had to sing with two other guys, just completely turned me off to him, he just does not seem like a likeable guy and the domestic violence charges clinch my feelings.  He should not have made it this far, they should have cut him when they found out about this, look what they did to Frenchie, that wasn’t fair.”    --Laurie

“I believe Scott is being treated too harshly especially in a society that has in the past and present glorified people that have done wrong. It should be chalked to — it was 2001 everyone makes decisions they are not proud of. Especially in your 20s in a relationship, ‘he who is w/o sin cast the first stone.’”  --Michelle

“I don’t see all the hype about Carrie Underwood she is not a true entertainer. She is very boring and old-fashioned...She would be a good icon amongst country singers but she is not a ‘American Idol.’ She just doesn’t have it all.”  --Lee“Carrie will win it though because she’s so bland and appeals to a broader base.”  --Tamara

NADIA“I believe the next ‘American Idol’ should be Nadia.  I think Carrie is everything an ‘American Idol’ should be, but Nadia is as consistent as Carrie but more seasoned so Nadia should be the next ‘American Idol.’  The voting has to be changed for this to be fair.  The voting should not be correlated to the amount of viewers as Ryan Seacrest will have you think.  That is just not correct.  It is very deceiving.  I’ve been able to vote for my favorites with the same phone number numerous times.  You should only be able to vote once from one phone number.”  --Elaine

“Vonzell is the better if not the best contestant on the show right along with Carrie Underwood. Carrie is a good singer but boring.”  --Shaun

“I’m shocked! Vonzell should be in the top three, not the bottom three. This is a singing competition, right? She has a great voice and will be a big star some day.”  --Kevin

“Am I the only one who hears Vonzell sing off key ALL THE TIME? It’s horrendous.”  --Joanna