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Vanessa Hudgens Talks "Obnoxious" French Guys, New Flick and Twitter

Vanessa Hudgens has a message for potential suitors: Down, boys!
/ Source: E!online

Vanessa Hudgens has a message for potential suitors: Down, boys!

The newly single actress said she dealt with some overzealous men while partying in Cannes this last week.

"Towards the end, some French guys got a bit obnoxious," she said of the male attention she received in the south of France.

But that doesn't mean her first trip to the film fest was a total loss:

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"We had an incredible time. We ran around and wore fabulous clothes and went to awesome parties," she told me of her time there. "Every single night was so incredible...walking up the hotel and being on the boat and soaking up the sun in the Riviera!"

Sounds rough!

Although Vanessa will be living in NYC while working on her next film, she says the move isn't permanent.

"I'm going to be doing a movie in New York," she explained during the launch party last night. "It's a completely different character and a completely different look. I don't think people are going to recognize me!"

Perhaps this is the project she's doing with Rosario Dawson?

One place we probably won't see her soon is on Twitter.

Although she has a verified account with 114,000 followers, she has yet to Tweet.

When I asked if we'll be getting her thoughts in 140 characters or less anytime soon, she said, "Probably not".

But that doesn't mean she's ruled out expressing herself on the internet. She said she'd like to start lifestyle blog on her Facebook.

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