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Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder Ready to Move Mountains...With You!

Ian Somerhalder is hot, talented, smart and tryng to help save the world.
/ Source: E!online

Ian Somerhalder is hot, talented, smart and tryng to help save the world.

Seriously, is there anything not to like about the guy?

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The Vampire Diaries star not only talks the green talk, but he's also walking the walk with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, his non-profit dedicated to environmental causes and animal rights.

"We are destroying the very place that sustains our lives because of what?" he says. "Money? Greed? Lack of education? It could be a number of things but we must positively look to the future and plan intelligently and sustainably to coexist harmoniously in our beautiful home."

The foundation is currently focusing on deforestation. It recently collaborated with Conservation International to save over 300 acres of forest. "We have to stop cutting these forests," Somerhalder says. But he also realizes, "We must answer the question: Where and how will we get the resources that we need out of those forests?"

Somerhalder is also one of the many celebs who have signed on to the Earth Day Network's Billion Acts of Green campaign to help inspire others to think--and go!--green.

"There are many people in and around this business whom are making strides to be greener," he says when asked about eco-efforts in Hollywood. "We can always do more...The film business creates a large amount of waste, and I'm not immune to waste in the business.

"Lack of time and money create really bad green practices," he continues. "My hope is that we make not only strides but large and quick strides to this greener better place. We need to make green cost-effective."

And more famous faces, he says, should speak up. "I wish they would," Somerhalder says. "They have such a huge influence and could really move mountains. Let's encourage each other to do so...please!"

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