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Why isn't 'Suits' Season 9 on Netflix? Here's where to watch it

The show's final season is streaming — but you'll have to switch platforms.

If this is your first time watching "Suits," you're certainly not the only one. The USA Network legal drama, which first premiered in 2011, has broken streaming records after landing on Netflix this summer.

Audiences looking for an ending to the show, however, might be disappointed: Netflix currently isn't streaming the show's ninth and final season, though it's available to watch elsewhere.

Here's what to know about watching the show's final season — or a brief overview of what happens in the end.

What happens in Season 9 of 'Suits'?

Acclaimed when it came out, "Suits" has a blend of well-drawn characters, story arcs and episodic one-off schedules that appeal.

The show follows Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), hired by Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), at a big law firm despite not having a law degree. None other than Meghan Markle, future duchess, plays his love interest, paralegal and aspiring lawyer Rachel Zane.

The show was cancelled in its ninth season, which premiered in 2019. By then, star Markle had been married to Prince Harry for months, and had given up her acting career. Adams left after Season Seven, along with Markle (in the mythology of the show, they started a law practice together in Seattle).

The ninth season ties up all the loose strings. Harvey and Donna! Louis and Sheila! The ousting of Faye Richardson (Denise Crosby)!

So, where can I watch Season 9 of 'Suits'?

If you've already sped through the show and are wondering if there's more, well ... there is. But at the moment, Netflix is missing the final season. Netflix hasn't confirmed why the show is not on the platform. has reached out for comment.

Netflix has yet to announce whether or not it will be added to its streaming queue, but there are still other options to finishing the show.

Here's where you can stream Season Nine of "Suits."


Peacock does have Season Nine on its streaming platform. And the good news is that the entire show is there, too, so if you need to start all over, all the episodes are all lined up.

Amazon Prime

You can also watch the show on Amazon Prime! If you have a Prime subscription, you can pick up where you left off there. However, Season Nine is only available to stream, and the rest of the seasons are only available for purchase.

For more shows set in the "Suits" universe, watch the spinoff series "Pearson."