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'Virgin River' Season 5: What to know about the show’s next season

The series was already renewed, which means Season Four's cliffhangers will be resolved. Phew!

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season Four of "Virgin River."

We'll say this about "Virgin River:" The show knows how to leave us hanging. Luckily, Season Five is on its way. Netflix renewed the popular California-set, Canada-filmed show in September 2021, per Deadline.

Season Four, which premiered on Netflix on July 20, wrapped up many loose strings from Season Three: Namely, who shot Jack and whose baby Mel is having.

Meanwhile, the finale of Season Four opened up a whole new set of plot lines, including yet another paternity question: Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) revealed that Jack is not the father of her twins. But who is?

The finale also introduced a new antagonist in the form of Melissa Montgomery, Calvin's successor as the crime boss of Virgin River (every small town needs one).

Here's what we know about the show's fifth season. We'll be updating this as more details about "Virgin River" Season Five emerge.

When will Season 5 of 'Virgin River' come out?

Perhaps the release date of Season Five is the ultimate cliffhanger. Season Four premiered exactly a year after Season Three.

But perhaps the wait won't be as long: Whereas Season Three was renewed on its own in 2020, Seasons Four and Five were renewed in tandem in Sept. 2021.

Season 5 has already begun filming

Speaking to TODAY, Zibby Allen — who plays Brie — said that filming the Season Five was like a "little family reunion."

The season began filming soon after Season Four dropped. "It’s really fun to go back to work on the heels of the launch of the season and to feel all of the love from the audience. It gives us an extra boost of confidence to go back into this (next season) and carry on with the storylines hearing from the audience how much they matter to people," she said.

The cast will return. Here's what their characters are up to

"Virgin River" has had the same core cast members from the start. Alexandra Breckinridge and Martin Henderson play the central couple, Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan.

While Jack and Mel are the center of audience's universes, there are other inhabitants of Virgin River. Based on a photo from a virtual cast table read, here's who we can expect to return.

  • Colin Lawrence as Preacher, Jack's Marine buddy and colleague at his bar.
  • Lexa Doig as Paige, a single mom who Preacher helps out in a major way.
  • Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine, who is pregnant with twins – and they're not Jack's.
  • Patrick Sabongui as Todd, Charmaine's husband whom she married after three weeks. In the finale, Charmaine indicates that she and Todd have split.
  • Benjamin Hollingsworth as Brady, who — after being sent to prison — is officially found innocent for Jack's attempted murder in Season Four.
  • Zibby Allen as Brie, Jack's sister and Brady's maybe girlfriend.
  • Tim Matheson as Doc, Virgin River's doctor who is trying, really trying, to retire.
  • Annette O'Toole as Hope, Doc's wife who is recovering from a traumatic brain injury.
  • Mark Ghanimé as Cameron, who arrives to Virgin River to take over Doc's practice, but wants to leave because of his strong feelings that his colleague Mel is not with the right guy (and thinks that he is). While his character was planning to leave, Ghanimé is in the table read, indicating that he's coming back.
  • Teryl Rothery as Muriel, Hope and Doc's friend.
  • Stacey Farber as Tara, the daughter of Lilly, Muriel's friend who died in Season Three.
  • Kai Bradbury as Denny, who showed up in Season Three saying he's Doc's grandson. In the Season Four finale, Denny reveals he has Huntington's Disease, a fatal genetic disorder, per the Huntington's Disease Society of America.
  • Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey as Ricky, who ends Season Four by heading off to the Marines.
  • Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie, a Virgin River transplant exploring her romantic feelings for Denny.
  • Daniel Gillies as Mark Monroe, Mel's husband who died before the show started and appears in flashbacks.

Where will Season 5 be filmed?

The fictional town Virgin River is supposed to be in California, but the show is actually filmed in Canada — specifically, the Vancouver region.

"It’s as beautiful as it looks on the show, if not more, and it’s such a special, rare opportunity to be able to film in a location like that long form," Allen said of the filming location.