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Who shot Jack on 'Virgin River'? We finally have an answer

This is a plot twist two seasons in the making — and one we never saw coming.

The Season Two finale of "Virgin River" had an event that no one saw coming, especially Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson). In the final moments, he was shot by a stranger in his bar.

For the next two seasons, audiences and the population of Virgin River wondered: Who shot Jack? Who would dare harm our beloved Marine vet-turned-bar owner, who finally got a shot at happiness with Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge)?

A lingering question throughout Season Three, Season Four finally gave us an answer, revealing the identity of Jack's attempted murderer and showing all the wrong turns taken along the way in the investigation.

Here's what we know.

Brady was innocent all along

In the Season Three finale, Jack's friend Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) from the Marines was arrested for attempted murder.

Things didn't look good for Brady. For one, he was found with a gun in his car. He also associated himself with Calvin (David Cubitt), Virgin River's local drug lord, whose business Jack tried to take down.

Despite claiming his innocence, Brady is arrested. While in jail, Brady survives an attempted murder of his own. The cousin of Jimmy (Ian Tracey), Calvin's right-hand man, stabs him.

When Jack's memory returns following a breakthrough, he confirms that Brady was not his assailant. This is good news for Jack's sister, Brie (Zibby Allen), who has started a romance with Brady. Ah, "Virgin River!"

In fact, the attempted murder had nothing to do with Calvin

Yes, you read that right.

Calvin and his associates were always the top suspects for the attempted murder — at least for Virgin River law enforcement. In Season Three, Jimmy gets arrested, then is released thanks to an an alibi. Brady is not so lucky, and briefly winds up in prison.

Ultimately, though, the drug kingpin and his associates were not involved in Jack's attempted murder (but they have to do with the cover-up).

Wes shot Jack while looking for his twin brother, Vince

As Jack has been involved in his own drama — ranging from paternity questions to helicopter accidents — his buddy Preacher (Colin Lawrence) has had his own.

Last season, Preacher helped Paige (Lexa Doig), a single mom on the run from her abusive ex-husband. When Vince (Steve Basic) tracks Paige and their son Christopher (Chase Petriw) down, Paige accidentally pushes him down the stairs. Preacher helps cover up the murder and takes care of Christopher so Paige can leave town.

Vince's twin brother, Wes, arrives in Virgin River looking for answers, and eventually kidnaps Christopher.

Thanks to seeing security footage, Jack has a breakthrough and remembers Vince going into the bar, asking for Preacher and looking suspicious. Jack, entering into warrior mode, stabs Vince — who retaliates by shooting him from the floor.

Vince's gun was found with DNA evidence from the scene of the crime. As for whether Vince will see justice served? The finale ends with Preacher smashing Vince over the head with a piece of wood during a violent confrontation, in which he pointed a gun at Paige.

Colin Lawrence as John Preacher Middleton in "Virgin River."
Colin Lawrence as John Preacher Middleton in "Virgin River."Netflix

Brady was framed, however

Back to Brady, who was right all along on two counts: He was innocent, and he was framed.

Mike (Marco Grazzini), a former Marine, is in Virgin River investigating Calvin at Jack's behest. Turns out Mike made some breakthroughs.

As part of a plea deal, Deputy Howard (Greg Delmage) admitted to helping Calvin launder money and planted Vince's gun in Brady's truck to frame him.

And there's a new drug lord in town: Melissa

The crimes never stop in Virgin River. Calvin is seemingly killed in a boating explosion. The end of the season reveals his successor: Melissa Montgomery. It's implied that Melissa was behind Calvin's death.

Turns out Melissa is the sister of Nick, who is investing in Jack's new glamping business. She joins Jack, Mel, Nick and Jo Ellen for a dinner celebrating their new venture, setting up next season's potential conflict.