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'The Circle' Season 6 cast: Who's authentic, who's a catfish and who's an AI bot?

Meet the seven humans and one AI bot competing for $100,000.
The Circle Season 6
The Circle. AI/Max from episode 602 of The Circle.Netflix

"The Circle" is back for a sixth season, with a brand new twist, and a brand new cast.

The Netflix game show, hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau, introduces contestants only able to speak through the "social media" platform of the game, called "The Circle."

They can choose to play as themselves, or as an alternate persona (also known as a catfish). At stake is a $100,000 prize.

Normally, those contestants are all human, but this season promises a very modern twist: One of them is an AI-powered profile named Max.

Max is designed to be the most popular player, having studied other seasons of the game. Will a computer deceive the human mind? Or will the contestants be able to suss out who — and what — is being deceitful?

Robots and all, here is who is competing on Season 6 of The Circle.

Kyle Fuller

The Circle Season 6
Kyle Fuller.Netflix

Kyle Fuller, 31, from Miami, and will be playing in the circle with his dog, Deuce. He’ll be entering the game as an "extremely single basketball trainer," according to Netflix.

Where to follow Kyle on Instagram: @kylefullerofficial

Cassie Saylor

The Circle Season 6
Cassie Saylor.Netflix

Cassie is a 29-year-old from Manchester, Kentucky. An engaged mother of two, she'll be joining the game as her most authentic self.

Where to follow Cassie on Instagram: @cassiecsaylor

Brandon Baker

The Circle Season 6
Brandon Baker.Netflix

Brandon Baker is a 34-year-old nursing assistant from Columbus, Ohio. He'll be playing as his friend Olivia, hoping that her looks and his personality will be a winning combination.

Where to follow Brandon on Instagram: @b_randonbaker


The Circle Season 6
Quori-Tyler "QT" Bullock.Netflix

Quori-Tyler is a 26-year-old from Los Angeles, California, and a former Laker girl. She plans on using her "Circle" expertise to help her win the game.

Where to follow Quori-Tyler on Instagram: @quorityler

Lauren LaChant

The Circle Season 6
Lauren LaChant.Netflix

Lauren LaChant is a 26-year-old from Philadelphia. She's a gamer and Twitch streamer who plans to enter the game authentically.

Where to follow Lauren on Instagram: @laurenshiraa

Caress Alon

The Circle Season 6
The Circle. Contestant Caress Russell from episode 601 of The Circle. Netflix

Caress Russell is a 37-year-old motivational speaker from Dallas, Texas. She'll be entering the game as her younger brother, Paul Russell, who is a rapper and singer with more than 367,000 followers on instagram. If you don't recognize his face, you'll probably recognize his song. His viral 2023 hit "Lil Boo Thang" launched him into music stardom.

Where to follow Caress on Instagram: @ladycaress

Myles Reed

The Circle Season 6
Myles ReedNetflix

Myles Reed is a 29-year-old from Los Angeles, California. Myles is a self-described "flirt" who hopes to win over the women in the game. He's also AI engineer who believes he can spot a catfish when he sees one. This begs the question: will he be able to find the actual AI computer in the game?

Where to follow Myles on Instagram: @yungpapi.fuego

Steffi Hill

The Circle Season 6
Steffi HillNetflix

Steffi is a 35-year-old astrologer, psychic and podcast host from Redondo Beach, California. She says that she'll be keep her powers close to her chest.

Where to follow Steffi on Instagram: @spirit_sis

Autumn Ann Nielsen

The Circle Season 6
Autumn Nielson.Netflix

Autumn Nielson is a 21-year-old from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She works as a ranch-hand, and says she'll be entering the game authentically as herself.

Where to follow Autumn on Instagram: @autumnannofficial

Jordan Staff

The Circle Season 6
Jordan StaffNetflix

Jordan Staff is a 24-year-old from Austin, Texas. He'll be playing the game as himself ... but from a few years ago, before he lost a significant amount of weight. In the show, he says his recent physical appearances changes make him look less approachable. Before his weight-loss, he said people took him to be a "friendly giant."

Where to follow Jordan on Instagram: @itsjordanstaff


The Circle Season 6
The Circle. AI/Max from episode 602 of The Circle.Netflix

Despite being an artificial intelligence chatbot, Max plans on bringing a lot to the table.

Max will be playing as a midwestern, 26-year-old veterinary intern. The bot has studied previous seasons of "The Cirlce" and chose the age and job in order to “leverage life experience and maturity, while still playing youthful," and to show "his caring and nurturing side.”