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Are Sam Mark and Aussie Chau from 'The Ultimatum' still together now?

A fight about a husky and a few walk-outs later, where do Sam and Aussie stand?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for “The Ultimatum: Queer Love” finale and reunion.

Sam Mark and Aussie Chau, one of five couples on "The Ultimatum," kept us guessing — right until the end.

The couple had been together for a year and a half at the time of filming, according to the show. "When we first touched hands, it was like something you see in the movies. It was like the universe brought us together," Sam told the camera in the first episode. Aussie agreed, saying," Time stood still. It was just magical."

Sam issued the marriage ultimatum to Aussie. Here's what happened next.

What happened during Sam and Aussie's trial marriages?

The couple split up and swapped partners with another couple, Tiff Der and Mildred Woody.

Tiff and Sam's trial marriage started off rocky, due to a now TikTok-famous blowout about whether Tiff's husky, Shylo, should be allowed in their bed. Tiff later wrote on TikTok, "I apologized and we had a reconciliation and grew as a couple. It's called growth and communicating."

Their communication breakthroughs continue, but their relationship never becomes romantic. Still, Tiff said she'd have "withdrawals" from Sam when she returned to Mildred.

Aussie and Mildred’s relationship was less amicable. Aussie ultimately chose to leave the trial marriage following a tense encounter, inspiring many a meme. "I am not running away. I am taking care of me first for the first time in a long time," Aussie told the camera, before writing Mildred a breakup note.

Sam is visibly changed by the trial marriage. She uses her bolder communication approach with Aussie, who tends to avoid confrontation, choosing to leave situations. "New version of Sam," Aussie said, after hearing Sam confront her. "Can you just entertain the idea that the reason you don't like how I act now is because I'm not giving into your needs every time?"

Do Sam and Aussie get engaged in the finale?

When Sam and Aussie met on proposal day during the finale, Aussie reflected on how the experience helped with overcoming fears about marriage.

"The whole idea of marriage. I was so scared to choose my life partner," Aussie said. "This experience has brought me to redefine marriage for myself."

Next, Aussie launched into a story about penguins which tied into the bigger revelation: "I feel like I've found my lifelong mate in you."

Aussie presented Sam with a heart-shaped labradorite gem stone, to symbolize protection. "I choose you," Aussie said. After a long beat, in which Sam issued an awkward "thank you," Aussie then revealed a ring.

Sam accepted the proposal. "Ultimatums aren't all bad," Sam said. "The happiest day of my life, boo," Aussie said.

But are Sam and Aussie still together? The reunion reveals their fate

All of the couples gathered for the reunion, held an at unacknowledged point after the finale. And, drumroll please, they're still together, and are planing their wedding.

Sam joked that they are still facing a learning curve. "We were sitting watching TV on the couch, and I was like, 'So, you know being engaged means you get married after. And it was like, deer in the headlights. Aussie didn't make the connection," Sam said.

Aussie said, "There's been a lot of self discovery. I have a hard time figuring out who I am in terms of my relationship from what I experienced when I was younger. Building that, 'What do I want?' That's been my journey."

Sam said they've found a "balance" in their communication. "I need to sit in the discomfort of allowing space. Aussie sits with the discomfort of shortening that time needing space away," she said.