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'Love Is Blind' Season 6 viewers share their thoughts on Matthew

The Netflix dating show has a new villain.
Matthew from Love Is Blind
Matthew dates several women in the dating pods before exiting the show.Courtesy Netflix

Season six of "Love Is Blind" only just premiered on Feb. 14, but viewers are already taking to X to share their opinions on one controversial contestant: Matthew.

Just hours after the Netflix show dropped the first six episodes of the new season, social media users flooded X with their reactions to the 37-year-old senior financial advisor.

Matthew makes quite the impression in the first episode when he has a date with Jess and tells her he’s prepared 15 potential questions to ask her. When she selects one and answers it, she asks Matthew the same question, only to receive a rather surprising response: “You know, I was just gonna ask the questions. I wasn’t really anticipating getting the same one back,” he says.

Matthew from Love Is Blind
Matthew in ' Love is Blind.'Courtesy Netflix

One X user reacted to his response and shared the following thought after watching the show: "Is Matthew serious?? Ah what does he think the experiment is about?"

Another shared the following popular meme from The Simpsons.

When contestant Sarah Ann provides a long-winded answer to one of Matthew’s questions, he walks away, leaving the customer support manager to wonder if he had exited the pod.

“He’s gone. Thank f------ God,” she says. Later, in a confessional interview following her date, she says, “Matt can kiss my a--.” 

After watching Matthew's interactions with the women, viewers have some strong feelings about his approach to dating.

"Ohhh i immediately don’t like Matthew," one wrote.

However, some folks want to reserve their judgment to see how things pan out for Matthew.

"I have an off feeling about Matthew but I don’t wanna be mean," one wrote.

A few are even entertained by Matthew's antics.

"Love Is Blind already has me cackling! Matthew walking out on the dates mid conversation is insane!!!!" one X user wrote.

During a confessional interview, Matthew admits that he's a man of few words.

"This experiment, I didn't really know what to expect, but I knew it was going to be incredibly hard. You know, having conversations about our emotions is probably not somewhere where I would excel," he says.

Since talking about your feelings is the basis of the show, some X users are confused as to why Matthew would've taken part in the experiment in the first place.

Matthew, Amber Love is Blind
Season 6 Love is Blind contestants Matthew and Amber found a spark in the pods.Courtesy Netflix

"I can already tell Matthew doesn’t need to be here," one commented.

"Matthew is so strange. Red flag galore," another wrote.

Back in the dating pods, Matthew talks to Amber, who picks a popular question from his list.

“This one’s been requested a couple times. Try and be something different,” he says.

It's comments like this one that seeminly rub viewers the wrong way.

"Matthew is annoying on love is blind. Who tf he think he is," one X user commented.

When Matthew has a date with Amber Desiree ("AD"), however, he shows a bit of his softer side.

"Actually maybe i’m judging early lol. Matt is giving hurt in past. like he’s has a huge wall that he trying to remove," one wrote on X.

In a confessional interview, Matthew also acknowledges that he wants to "get better" since he knows that "first interactions" aren't his strength.

AD and Matthew have a strong connection from the very beginning and he tells her that his “greatest accomplishment” is finding her.

Matthew then asks what AD’s father thinks about her getting engaged so quickly, and she tells him her dad died a few months ago. He suggests that they could just leave the experiment and be together.

“There’s a large part of me that thinks there’s really only two outcomes from this and that’s either with you or not,” he says. 

Matthew, Amber
Matthew and ADCourtesy Netflix

AD appears to be on cloud nine until she talks to Amber, who points out that Matthew said something almost identical to her during a previous date.

"Not Matt playing both Ambers," one X user wrote.

Social media users instantly created a plethora of memes about the moment and Matthew's overall interactions with the women on the show.

When AD eventually confronts Matthew, things get a bit awkward, and eventually, Amber decides to leave the show. Matthew and AD have another date, where AD admits that she has another strong connection in the dating pods. It's then that Matthew says he' has decided to leave the show as well.

“You sound devastated. Is it because Amber's gone?” AD asks.

“Yeah, I feel like I broke somebody's heart on national TV,” he says.

Back in the men's living quarters, Mathew says he's going to "go get Amber."

Matthew from Love Is Blind
MatthewAdam Rose / Courtesy Netflix

Viewers had a lot of feelings about Matthew's decision to leave the dating pods.

"Matthew turned out to be the jerk we thought he was in the beginning. No redemption arc for him," one wrote.

"Just when Matthew was redeeming himself this man manages to put my jaw on the literal floor," another commented.

In a prior episode, Matthew claims he didn't go on "Love Is Blind" to be a C-list celebrity, but he tells AD that America will be watching him when they break up. Naturally, X users were confused by the conflicting statements.

"Matthew on love is blind has only worried about 'America Watching' him. Like what was your actual reason going on the show?? You said you didn’t want to be a C-List Celebrity, but all you’ve been worried about is the publicity from the show sooooo," one wrote.

What does AD think about the whole Matthew situation?

During an interview with, AD explains how she felt when she found out that Matthew had made the same romantic declaration with Amber as he had with her.

"No woman wants to hear that someone that you’ve connected with on a very intimate level is saying the same things to — in essence — one of your friends. So it did cut a little bit deep," she says. "It wasn’t the best thing to hear."

When asked what she thinks Matthew's motivation was for coming on the show, AD offers the following response.

"That’s a question for Matthew," she says. "I don’t know what (it was). I think he wanted love. I think we did have a connection. But as far as his intentions, I think that’s something that he would have to explain."