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Where is Jennifer Pan's dad now?

A new Netflix documentary explores the story behind Jennifer Pan's alleged murder-for-hire plot to kill her parents.
/ Source: TODAY

The new Netflix documentary, “What Jennifer Did,” follows the interrogation of Jennifer Pan, a young Canadian woman who allegedly planned to kill her parents.

Through police footage and interviews, the 86-minute documentary shows investigators piecing together what happened the November 2010 night Pan's mother, 53-year-old Bich Ha Pan, was killed and her father, 60-year-old Hei Hann Pan, was critically injured and put into a coma.

Using video from the interrogation, Pan's diary, friends' accounts and text messages, the film shows how Pan's parents allegedly forced her to excel academically and to stop dating her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Daniel Wong.

Prosecutors eventually accuse Pan, with the help of Wong, of coordinating a murder-for-hire plot to kill her parents.

Jennifer Pan in a sweatshirt and glasses with her dark hair in long braid.
Jennifer PanCourtesy Netflix

At the 2014 trial, Pan, at the age of 28, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of her mother and of attempted murder of her father. She and Wong were sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years, per the documentary.

Pan’s co-conspirators — Lenford Crawford, David Mylvaganam and Eric Carty — were also found guilty on the same charges. Eric Carty was later convicted of conspiracy to commit murder but died in prison in 2018, according to the Markham Economist & Sun.

Where is Jennifer Pan’s dad, Huei Hann Pan, now?

After being shot in the head, Hann Pan survived the 2010 attack and was placed into a medically induced coma. When he awoke, prosecutors alleged that he recounted different details than Pan about what happened that night.

Pan Hei Hann
Jennifer Pan's parents, Hann and Bich.Netflix

In 2014, Hann Pan testified at his daughter's trial, CBC reported, claiming that Pan "constantly lied" to her family, including convincing her parents that she was in school when she wasn't.

“I was very upset because all our effort was to help her attend school and she was not,” he said at the time, per CBC. “I told her to cease the relationship with Danny Wong or wait until I’m dead.”

Following the trial, Hann Pan was granted a lifetime no-contact order against his daughter, according to the documentary.

A lawyer for Jennifer Pan confirmed to on April 16, 2024, that Hann Pan, now in his mid-70s, is still alive. has not been able to reach Hann Pan and requests to Felix Pan, Jennifer Pan's brother, have not been returned.

Where is Jennifer Pan now?

Pan is currently incarcerated, the Correctional Service Canada confirmed to In Canada, prisoner’s specific locations are not revealed for privacy reasons.

Pan maintains her innocence, according to the documentary, and after a successful appeal against her and her co-conspirators' first-degree murder conviction, they have been granted a new trial. The new trial is on hold as their case awaits judgment from the Canada Supreme Court.