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Chrissy Metz shares ‘This Is Us’ co-stars’ hilarious reaction to her Wordle win

"Y’all, this is one of the most exciting days," Metz gushed after her triumph.

Like millions of people around the world, Chrissy Metz has been swept up by the Wordle craze — so you can imagine her joy when she recently guessed the five-letter mystery word in just one try.

The "This is Us" star, 41, shared a video of the triumphant moment Wednesday on Instagram. The short clip shows Metz gushing to her co-stars Mandy Moore and Sterling K. Brown about her puzzle win as the trio sit together on the show's set.

"I can't believe it," Metz screams as she thrusts her arms in the air. "I can't believe I got Wordle in just one try."

"Show it again, show it to me," Brown, 46, tells Metz from off-camera.

So, Metz picks up her phone to flash her screen, showing the day's completed game.

"Wait, you didn't see nobody else's Wordle?" Brown teases her.

Metz responds by raising one arm back in the air. "I swear to God on the holy Bible," says the excited star. "I swear to God on all that is holy. You guys know I'm a god-fearing woman."

That's when Mandy Moore, who plays Metz's mom on "This Is Us," chimes in, telling Metz, "You literally just gave me a heart attack," as Brown is heard cracking up in the background.

Chrissy Metz proudly shows off her Wordle puzzle after guessing the mystery five-letter word in just one try.
Chrissy Metz proudly shows off her Wordle puzzle after guessing the mystery five-letter word in just one try.@chrissymetz / Instagram

"I can't believe this," Metz continues, laughing. "Y'all, this is one of the most exciting days."

Metz's video concludes with her still in disbelief over her stroke of good fortune. "I need to play the lottery," she vows.

Metz captioned the hilarious clip, "A dream fulfilled — sincere apologies to @mandymooremm and a thank you to @sterlingkbrown for the inspo since yesterday was his 'Natal' birthday! Time to retire. #wordle."

Moore responded in the comments, "I’m still glad everything is ok —  you scared me, friend lol!!!"

But the actor and singer, 37, was also clearly proud of Metz's achievement. Moore shared her own footage of Metz celebrating her big win in her Instagram story.

"Sometimes you work with a genius," Moore wrote. "Wordle on the first try, folks!!!!"

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