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TV chef Bourdain pigs out in Hong Kong

A porky feast becomes 'a religious experience'
/ Source: The Associated Press

American celebrity chef, TV host and author Anthony Bourdain is visiting Hong Kong — one of the world’s culinary capitals — and says the dish he likes the best is the suckling pig.

“Oh my God, that was a religious experience,” the South China Morning Post on Thursday quoted Bourdain as saying when he described the pork dish. “In the words of Homer Simpson, the pig is a magical animal.”

Bourdain, who rarely hides his contempt for vegetarians, said the suckling pig is probably the best example of pork, the paper reported.

“When it’s done brilliantly, I mean, it’s all about the skin and that skin was just fantastic,” he said.

Bourdain, executive chef at New York’s Les Halles restaurants, was on a promotional tour of Hong Kong. His TV show “A Cook’s Tour” is shown on cable networks in parts of Asia.

The chef said he’s been avoiding India, Italy and other places that have been covered by more knowledgeable people.

“I’ve been nibbling away at the edges for so long now, eating Chinese food in America, Malaysia, Singapore and Taipei, that I don’t care if I look like an idiot. I just want to experience it,” he said.