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Tori Spelling on Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress: "It Was Beautiful," But...

Count Tori Spelling among the many royal wedding fanatics out there!
/ Source: E!online

Count Tori Spelling among the many royal wedding fanatics out there!

In fact, the reality TV star got so into the big event, she hasn't slept since Wednesday night!!

So what kind of crazy royal wedding viewing party did Spelling throw for her friends last night? And what would she have--gulp--changed about Kate Middleton's wedding dress?!

Read on for what this week's Fashion Police guest host just told us...

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"I thought it was amazing!" Spelling gushed about Middleton's Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown. "I thought it was beautiful, I thought it was classic, understated. I was surprised because I thought she would go a little more cutting edge, a little more fashion forward. But I thought it was perfect actually."

One thing she would have changed about it?

"Maybe just a little bit longer train--because she can," Spelling laughed. "She's a princess."

However, not every royal was on Spelling's best-dressed list.

"Beatrice and Eugenie, they looked a little crazytown," said the mom-to-be-once-more. "They were going a little too far for me...I didn't love the look."

The sTORIbook Weddings star also wasn't too keen on the ceremony's biggest trend: wacky wedding hats.

"To me, personally, I think when they wear the bright colors and the avant garde hats, like the outrageous ones, it kind of takes away from the bride," she said. "Like I would never ever want to upstage the bride."

As for her own royal wedding viewing party, Spelling went all out!

"I had about 12 of my friends over," she said. "They all came over, they got PJs, slippers, got cozy. We had Kate Middleton hats for everybody. We had duvets, and pillows, and everybody got cozy in front of the TV and my husband and I made English fare. So we had fish and chips and we had scones and mini meat pies. Just everything. And we played trivia games, there were prizes, and we watched."

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