Tom Hanks happens upon newlyweds' photo shoot, poses for delightful pics

/ Source: TODAY

What could be more delightful than having your wedding photos snapped on a lovely early fall day in Central Park? How about having two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks randomly drop by?

That's what happened to newlyweds Elisabeth and Ryan, who were having their wedding portraits taken in New York City's famed park on Saturday when the "Sully" actor happened along.

As photographer Meg Miller told TODAY, Hanks was jogging around the Central Park reservoir when he spied the bride and groom being photographed and ran over.

"He had on a hoodie and a hat and took them off as he was coming up, and he was like, 'Hi, I'm Tom Hanks.' And we're all like, 'Got that,'" Miller chuckled. "He also said he's an ordained minister if they needed to get married right now, but they were already married."

The couple invited Hanks to the reception, but he said he already had plans. Instead, he asked if they could take a selfie, then let Miller snap away while he greeted the couple.

"I don't think I've ever taken pictures so fast," she said. "I took, like, a thousand pictures."

We suspect Hanks was pretty delighted by the chance encounter; Miller reported that his post of the selfie was already up online with "10,000 likes" before they even finished the photo shoot.

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This isn't Hanks' first great NYC encounter, of course. In 2014 he invited his cab driver to a play he was then performing on Broadway, "Lucky Guy." The photo of the cabbie with Hanks went viral after it was posted on the Humans of NY site.

Hanks has also happily posed with fans in goofier setups; in 2013 he met a young man in a restaurant and the pair posed for pictures as if the young man was completely drunk, and that went viral as well.

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Hanks for the memories, Tom! And congrats to Elizabeth and Ryan!

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