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Test Pattern: Five-link Friday

The next ‘Spring Break Shark Attack’; Camilla gets mugged; Pope brackets; stuffed animals reenact ‘Se7en’; Lord of the Peeps. By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

Five-link Friday

Let's leave the for today and get back to our Friday roundup of random fun links. (But a note to "Lost" fans: It looks like we'll have a long time to chew over recent events, a new show isn't scheduled until May 4.)

• I have found the next Set those VCRs and TiVos for about everyone's greatest fear, an attack of bioengineered super-locuts! Coming soon on ... yes, CBS again.

• I don't really care if Charles and Camilla get married, live in sin, or run off and join the circus. And I don't actually have a Diana-Charles wedding mug (I have a Prince Harry birth commemorative mug though), and if I did, I certainly wouldn't . Still, I found the site kind of funny. Congratulations, !

• I did so horribly in the NCAA brackets (Illinois! You were my one hope, and you let me down!) that even though I'm Catholic, I wouldn't even attempt the . (Note: Ireland's entry is the fictional

• Creepy and weird, but funny: The performed by stuffed animals (and one ). QuickTime needed, audio/video warning. Via .

• I wanted to link to this the Friday before Easter, but the site wasn't working for me then. But now, feel free to enjoy , a marshmallowy trip through Tolkien.

Reaction to ‘Lost’

Over? "Lost" fans say it's until we say it is. Many hold out hope that Boone will be back, and many believe another main character may be doomed before the May season finale. We shall see.


“So now that we have had a main character die, what will the finale be...that’s going to be a real twist, I hope.”


SNIFF“Because of the aforementioned “visions” by Locke, the death of Boone didn’t surprise me.  What did surprise me was the reaction I had at the end of the show.  “The Circle of Life” schmaltz is usually something I can see coming a mile away and am prepared for drippy  emotional responses.  You knew it was coming—Claire in labour, Boone slipping away (whole, thank god...could not have stomached what Jack was preparing to do).  And yet there I was, curled up and misty as the camera panned the group.  That caught me off guard.”    —Pamela

“Regardless of what the media says I say that was a brilliant performance on that episode for the actors. I cried, because I didn’t want “Boone” to die, even though I figured it out.”    —Sondra

ANOTHER DEATH TO COME?“I was shocked it was Boone.  Way too predictable for the Lost we know and love! I too am relieved it wasn’t a character that I was more attached to.  I don’t think we have seen the last death of season one!  Maybe this death was not the one that all the spoilers were pointing to?”    —Becky

“I would have been surprised if Boone lived. He had horrible injuries and it would have been crazy if he actually recovered or was stable given the primitive setting Jack was working in. I don’t think this is THE death they are alluding to; I think there will be another before the finale.”    —Kelley

NOT DEAD?“[I’m] sitting here still wondering if Boone is actually dead.  It’s hard to believe that someone in the show is even wanting to leave this great show.  For me something is amiss.  I have this feeling that Boone will be back somehow.”    —Robert

ISLAND NEEDS THE BABY“I guess the only thing I’m surprised by is that Locke was nowhere to be found while his “little buddy” lay dying. I don’t think he knew Boone would die. In his vision Boone was upright and bloody, mumbling about his nanny falling up and down the stairs. That Boone didn’t survive is going to weigh on Locke in a big way...for better or for worse.

I think the island, or whatever power is making this all happen, needs Claire’s baby. A clean slate of sorts to manifest itself fully. Walt is young and has demonstrated a bizarre kind of power but he’s also old enough to resist if he chooses. Claire’s baby will not have that option.

Am I the only one who finds it weirdly ironic that Boone survived an airliner crash only to die in an already downed small plane crash? Interesting writing.”    —Nadine

POLL"Your is not written well.  The 'reasons" for yes and no seem to be reversed. It would do you well to correct it."    —Jennifer[Editor's Note: Nope, it's meant to be that way. On this show, an obvious death is more surprising than a twist coming out of left field, hence we asked people if they were surprised that the death was obvious.]

Death comes to ‘Lost’

(Warning: "Lost" spoilers ahead, duh.)

Talk about timing. When I started this discussion of who'd die on "Lost," I had no idea it was going to happen so soon. I figured the death, and the birth of Claire's mysterious baby, would wait until the dramatic two-part season finale, scheduled for sometime in May.

Was I wrong. And am I ever glad we started the discussion before this happened. It's intriguing to see just how many people guessed what was coming, and yet how many thought Boone's injury was just too predictable. (Here's my on the death; here's my of what else happened.)

I'm not sure yet how I feel about this plot development. In a way, I'm thankful it wasn't a character I liked more. I would have seriously had to consider a personal boycott of the show had they killed off my beloved Hurley, as was once rumored. And while I could do without Kate, I begrudgingly must admit she's got an interesting backstory that's only begun to be explored.

While I figured a male character would be the one to die because there are so few females among the cast, I also wouldn't have been shocked had Claire died in childbirth. (Instead, she popped out that baby like a pro.)

What troubles me about Boone's death is how deeply Locke, another of my favorite characters, must share the blame. He knew, based on his bloody vision, what he was leading Locke into, and he did it anyway. Wanting so much to know the island's secrets, he chose to be blind to its dangers. I don't know if I can forgive Locke for that, and I don't know if he can forgive himself.

Share your thoughts on the episode and the future of the show, and I'll pull together a sampling. And be sure to about whether the death surprised you.

More on ‘Lost’

We which character is likely to get killed off on "Lost," and one reader's comments set viewers off on a completely different tangent.

In Monday's entry, a reader who just signed his or her note "G" (it's not me, I swear), wrote in to say "enough backflashes, let’s get on with the plot.”

Well! You touched a nerve there, G. "Lost" viewers recognize the flashbacks to each character's history as vital to the show's plot. Here are some of your comments on that, as well as more opinions on who's doomed.

“The flashback scenes must stay.  They are an integral part of the story.  They show how the characters are tied to one another before the crash.  It is obvious that they don’t realize the connection yet.”  --Betsy

“Get rid of the backflashes?  That’s ridiculous!  That is one of the attributes that makes Lost such a winner.  If you watch closely, you can see in those backflashes how everyone is interspersed!  Keep the backflashes!”    --Anonymous

“Get rid of the flashbacks? Those ARE the plot! Does this person even watch the show? Sheesh!”  --Lindsay

JIN“With “anything can happen” capabilities of the island, I don’t think Boone will die. Jin hasn’t had much of a storyline besides leaving Sun and I don’t see his character going anywhere else so my guess is Jin.”    --Jesse

CLAIRE“Claire’s baby will live. Claire’s character is however the most expendable. She seems to be on the island just for the sake of carrying her baby. Her flashbacks were all centered on the baby and I believed that her kidnapping was related to her being with child. However, once her child is born, I think she’ll kick the bucket and charlie will raise her baby.”    --Lenn

NOT CLAIRE“Not Claire! Claire can’t go because if she does, what happens to the baby? The palmreader sent her on that plane (knowing that she would end up on that island) to raise her baby by herself. If she goes, someone else would have to raise the baby. And that’s not good.”    --Gab

NOT BOONE“Boone won’t die - they did the same thing a couple of months ago, advertising that somebody was going to die, and it turned out to be someone we barely knew, if we’d known them at all. It’s a great show, but I, too, want them to move forward with the plot.”    --Donna

“I think it will either be Michael and the boat, or it will actually be Locke of all people. It has been said that there will be a circle of life in this episode and I think that Locke was “special” just as the baby is supposed to be “special”. Out with the old, in with the new!”    --Jarred

CHARLIE“I think it’s going to be Charlie. Charlie took Ethan’s life and the island will take Charlie’s life in payment. We all know that Ethan went down too easy. And with Charlie’s interest in Claire and the baby the timing would be just perfect.”    --Andrea

LOCKE“Locke will find the enlightenment he is looking for, but he’ll pay for it with his life. In Locke’s final moments, he and the audience will see something none of the other characters will.”    --Mike

SHANNON“I voted for Shannon. I think Boone dying is too obvious and we haven’t seen much of Shannon lately.”    --Bryan

“It won’t be Claire’s baby, after what the psychic said back in Austraila about him/her!!!  Too much potential there...I think the baby is going to be a major part of the show along with Walt and Locke...Kate can go…shes annoying and frankly, NO FUN TO WATCH.”    --Missy

HURLEY“Either Hurley will be killed off or he will have to lose a lot of weight next season. I think it’s him.. with my second choice being Boone.”    --Tim

ALL OF THEM“They are all dead. They died in the crash. This is what Purgatory looks like.”  --Cass

Is Boone doomed?

Last week, I laid out for the character most likely to not survive the season on ABC's "Lost." Boone, Charlie and Jin were high on my list (and that was before Boone's bloody accident).

Here are some of your thoughts on who's doomed. You can also vote in the poll to the right.

BOONE OR JIN”I think Boone will bite the dust. This character isn’t really all that important to the show and his storyline—Gilligan to Locke’s Skipper—as Locke’s sidekick with an unhealthy and weird attraction to his sleazy sister isn’t doing anything to further the big story.

Alternatively, Jin would be a good candidate for extermination. Perhaps he’ll find he just can’t live with his wife’s betrayal and commit hari kari with one of Locke’s bigass knives.”  --Nadine

“I think that Jin is definitely the most expendable, mainly because of the language barrier.  I don’t see how he could become anything more than a minor character.  It wouldn’t break my heart to see Shannon go, she drives me nuts.  Hurley has to stay to help solve the mystery of the numbers, and for comic relief. Boone seems the weakest of the bunch, so my bet is it’s between him and Jin. Just please not Sawyer!”  --Patti

NOT BOONE“Boone being hurt so badly as we are nearing the season’s end makes him a blatantly obvious choice. And there is nothing blatantly obvious about ‘Lost’, except the continuing mysteries of the island.”    --Mark

MICHAEL“This is ABC/Disney—Walt has to be an orphan—Michael’s days are numbered.  His death will involve the raft/boat.”  --Anonymous

ROSE OR CLAIRE“I think it will be Rose or Claire. Why Rose? Only because of the quote from  Josh Holloway in his interview. Why Claire? Well, since last nights episode with the plane crashing and the discovery of the heroin, I kept thinking of Charlie and the only way he would probably get hooked again is if something major bad happens to him (i.e. Claire passing during childbirth. Why else would they bring heroin back into the picture?”    --MD

JIN“My vote is for Jin.  Other than his leaving Sun his story seems mostly played out.  His death could open the way for a developing relationship between Sun and Michael.  All the others still seem to have more story to tell and secrets to reveal, even Boone.  His relationship with Shannon and Locke still has potential.  Plus, since when does a show the caliber of Lost, let the previews of the next show, reveal what actually will happen.  I think Boone might be safest when he seems most likely to die.”  --Tanya

CHARLIE OR BOONE“I think Charlie or Boone [is] going to die. Although Charlie has a good storyline with the drug addiction and his romance blooming [with] Claire. I think Boone is more expendable.”  --Lori

CHARLIE“Charlie  He will go back on drugs he found in the plane...too bad.  But he will die a hero.”    --Curtis

CLAIRE’S BABY“I think it’s going to be Claire’s baby.  I can’t see them killing off Boone right now when he has a major story line with Locke opening the hatch!  I sure don’t want to see him go but his wounds looked pretty gory.”    --Tiffany

“I hope Boone isn’t the one to go. He’s a good looking guy for younger viewers to watch. He needs to be there for his stepsister. I would be glad to see Jin go. He hasn’t caught my attention as a good character. Claire’s unborn baby would be my choice. Just think how hard it will be to raise a newborn on an island.”    --Amanda

KATE” I am an avid fan of the show and a character I would most like to see go is Kate.  Whereas I once was excited by her storyline I now find myself annoyed with her.  I would much rather prefer seeing Shannon, a character with sass, or Claire so we can finally see her baby be born.  We all know it will be a major character but a minor major character, someone we all like but the show can still go on with when they’re dead.”    --Melody

SHANNON“I think the character of Shannon may be the one to leave; she is seen in the previews of the new network series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.”    --Anonymous

VINCENT“The dog!’   --Anonymous

SPRING BREAK SHARK ATTACK?“I think someone will die trying to escape the island on the raft and then they’ll all be to afraid to attempt another escape.  Maybe Walt will conjure up a giant shark or Moby Dick.”    --Matt

ALMOST ANYONE“Whoever plays Jin is a good actor. Keep him. If they get rid of the Iraqi guy, I will lose a lot of interest. Keep the funny (fat) guy, too. Everyone else, I can live without you. And enough backflashes, let’s get on with the plot.”    --G

NO ONE IS SAFE“If Maude Flanders can die, no one‘s safe.”    --Chris