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Test Pattern: Five-link Friday

Answers to the mystifying intelligence test. Plus: Popular birthday months, Lick-o-meter, Work Your Proper Hours Day, another wastepaper toss game.

Five-link Friday: Quiz answers, more

We do love the online quizzes. Many of you who took last week's online intelligence test were begging for a link to answers, so you'll find one leading off this week's Five-link Friday.

• 15 P in an R T? Last week's was somewhat confusing (and I for one quibble with the wording of that "15 P" answer -- shouldn't it be "on"?). But here's a site that . Take up any arguments with the test's creator.

• I don't know about you, but in my family, birthdays always seem to come in clumps. Ever wonder what the most popular month is for birthdays? , it's August, with February the least popular. (Via .)

• Remember the famed commercial about "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop"? ("Ah-one, ah-two, ah-three. CRUNCH! Ah-three.") Now someone has put technology to use to find out the answer with the

• 40 hours a week? What's that? Workers in the U.K. are being encouraged to work only their scheduled hours, including "a proper lunchbreak, not just a sandwich at your desk" on Feb. 24, a.k.a. Maybe the awareness of this day should spread across the pond.

• Reader-submitted link of the week: Rhonda sends in this link to than the one I linked to on "The Office" site. "Watch out for windshear!" she notes.

Goofy Valentine’s Day gifts

Poor Valentine’s Day. It just wants to be a simple little day devoted to love, shining its bright light out of a snowy winter. But instead we mock it endlessly, whining about the Hallmarkization of the holiday, sniffling that we don’t have a valentine, complaining that we’re allergic to roses and that chocolates make us break out.

But if you still need a Valentine’s Day gift, and don’t take the holiday all that seriously, here are 10 of my favorite vaguely love-related presents.

• Want to make V-Day cookies? Use and your beloved will suspect that you (or someone) already took a bite out of them.

• I love you enough to give you a .

• Assemble your own , thanks to ThinkGeek.

• A lovely gummy heart, a little .

• Conversation hearts are equal opportunity messages: Here are some .

• Massages are expensive! This is cheap, and lets you give yourself your own scalp massage!

• Happy Valentine’s Day !

• Michael J. Nelson of “Mystery Science Theater” fame offers his own unique take on vintage images of love in “

• Who says candy has to taste good? include flavors such as rotten egg, sardine, earwax and booger.

•  Honey, for Valentine's Day, I bought you .

‘Reunion’ revisited

I'm sure some new or occasional readers think I do nothing in this column but talk about FOX's canceled drama "Reunion," but the long-dead show just keeps nosing into the news.

Remember back when we of how the show should end? Your number-one choices for Sam's murderer were her daughter Amy, her husband Craig, and Craig's father. FOX came out later and said that they did indeed plan for the killer to be then-teenaged Amy, but that the show was canceled too early to develop reasons as to why and how.

later delivered some more in-depth information about the plans for the killer. She reports "The original plan was for the killer to be Sam's daughter; however, the 11th-hour change was that the killer would be (drumroll, please) Craig's father. I'm told he felt Craig's political career would take off with her out of the picture. ... I'm also told that when the murderer was Amy, it was supposed to have been an accident."

She also delivered the scoop on why Craig was ever in a wheelchair in the first place. Says the column " Apparently, an upcoming (flashback) storyline was that Craig was hitting on Jenna in a car, and she was rebuffing him, and they got into a car accident. Initially, he really wasn't supposed to be able to walk but had a surprising recovery. However, Craig's father believed he'd do better with the sympathy vote and told him to stay in the wheelchair. And he won the congressional race."

There you go. Further proof that Test Pattern readers are always at least a step ahead of television writers. And I'd say that this will be my last comment ever on "Reunion," but you know the minute I say that, something will happen to prove me a liar. So I'll just say it's my last comment on "Reunion" ... today.