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Taylor Swift doesn't shake off jury duty — see the pics!

Taylor was fulfilling her civic duty, and of course, her fellow potential jurors couldn't resist getting some evidence.
/ Source: TODAY

If you're wondering why Taylor Swift was missing from Sunday night's VMAs, the internet has provided an answer. Swift had jury duty bright and early the next day in Nashville.

Taylor Swift
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The 26-year-old superstar showed up to jury duty Monday morning just like a regular person. Well, almost. Most potential jurors don't pose for a lot of fan photos at the courthouse. The "Bad Blood" singer, however, smiled for the cameras — again and again.

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Several members of the jury pool asked Swift for selfies, autographs and hugs — and she happily obliged.

One woman told the singer-songwriter that she and her kids just happened to hear "Shake It Off" on the car radio Monday morning before she arrived at the courthouse. What are the odds? (Actually, they're pretty good odds.)

Children of potential jurors rejoiced!

But once the day's proceedings began, it was business as usual in the courtroom, according to WSMV in Nashville, and that included all of the usual questions.

When jurors were asked about their occupations, Swift simply responded, "I'm a songwriter." The others? A few of them responded with a little laugh, according to WSMV.

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The Grammy winner was being considered for a case involving charges of aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping and domestic assault. During questioning, Swift confirmed that she could be a fair and impartial juror, but disclosed that she's currently involved in a civil sexual assault case that's not yet gone to trial.

The pop star went through the entire process, but was eventually relieved from the case..

While she didn't get to witness any real courtroom drama, Swift certainly created some just by showing up.