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Survivor Insider: No One Can Refuse the Robfather on Redemption Island

Rob Mariano is Survivor: Redemption Island's Vito Corleone.
/ Source: E!online

Rob Mariano is Survivor: Redemption Island's Vito Corleone.

Like The Godfather's mob boss, the Robfather is ruthless, brilliant, charismatic and values loyalty and family above all else.

But could the game's greatest hit man survive tonight's double elimination without being taken out himself?

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Smahten up, this is Awesome Rob we're talking about, who tonight engineered the ouster of tough guys Mike and David.

Stealth Aren't Us: Let's get one thing straight. The former Otempo, Otempe Ometepe tribe are the opposite of stealth. By excluding the former Zapateras from their reindeer games, Specialist Phillip, Assassin Grant, Mentalist Rob and their three zeroes, er, degrees are as stealthy as the Stealth Bomber would be if it flew over Redemption Island Arena. And for all we saw of that forum, maybe it already did...

Overpopulation Crisis: Tonight's episode began with 12 contestants (11 at Murlonio's camp and Matt prayin' it up at Redemption Island) and concluded with...12 contestants. There are too many players in this game! What should have been a super exciting double elimination night turned out to be a nonelimination night, because instead of squaring off against first eliminee Mike, Matt had to make room for both him and David in his Shame Shack. Like Matt, my faith is being sorely tested by this Redemption Island twist, and the previews offered no indication of an exciting battle to come. Frankly, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if Pearl Islands' outcast Lil knocked on Matt's door in her Boy Scout uniform.

Mariano Crime Syndicate: The Robfather is unquestionably this show's Mafia Boss, and despite Grant's swagger, he knew there could be hell to pay for breaking bread/fish with the rival family. David can't help but hide his admiration in watching this Scorsese-style masterpiece play out before his eyes, even when he knows he's one of the hit man's next targets. When Mafia Princess Natalie ratted out Ashley, it seemed like she might be the next Fredo going out on the fishing boat, but Don Mariano knows his family is too obedient right now to threaten his plans.

We Are Family: Like any Mafioso, nothing is more important to the Robfather than loyalty. And Special Agent Samurai Sheppard of the Cherokee Nation proved just that at the first Tribal Council (in the most awkward group hug ever), after which Rob declared himself "very happy" with his "very loyal soldier": "Phillip is obeying and doing as he's told, and he'll be rewarded for it." If Rob really takes Phillip to the final three, we will all be rewarded.

Divided We Fall: Even Jeff Probst himself was flabbergasted at the genius of Rob's enforced buddy system, preventing the former Zapateras from trying to sway their allegiance. By segregating their shelters and scheduling separate mealtimes, Rob ensures that Murlonio will never be united until all the former Zapatera members have gone to join Matt's prayer circle.

Next Time, on Survivor: Look out, Ralph: "redheaded stepchild" Phillip is playing the race card! Although I missed the competition and blindsides tonight, to be perfectly honest, I'd be happy watching the Rob and Phillip comedy hour for the remainder of the season. We're all winners!

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