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Stewart’s ‘Apprentice’ won’t replace Trump

Will Martha Stewart replace Donald Trump as host of "The Apprentice"? What happened to "Wickedly Perfect"? Are there still plans for "Ivana Young Man"?

Q: I am very confused! I just heard that Martha Stewart is going to be hosting the new "Apprentice" show. So is Donald Trump still going to be hosting seasons 4 and 5 or not?    —Jennifer

A: Think of "The Apprentice" as the reality TV world's version of "CSI": If a concept works, keep spinning it off until you run it into the ground.

, The Donald isn't going anywhere: The newspaper reported that NBC has signed Trump for two more seasons of his own version of the show. The points out that the lifestyle maven's version of "The Apprentice" is completely separate from Trump's. Her site is careful to call the show "an additional version" and note that Trump would serve as an executive producer (along with Mark Burnett). 

Trump seems to be fine with Martha jumping on his bandwagon. At for both shows, Trump showed up and delivered the line "Martha Stewart, you're hired!" (Stewart, still serving her prison sentence for lying to investigators about her sale of ImClone stock, obviously couldn't be present.)

What will Stewart's show be like? An article in People Magazine quoted a source as saying "I couldn't imagine they would use a boardroom. They would tailor something more appropriate for Martha." (Maybe a chintz-filled parlor?)

The might offer some clues as to how a Martha-centered reality show might work. On "Perfect," contestants with various cooking and style skills (called "Perfectionists") compete for a prize package that includes a book-publishing deal and a development deal for a lifestyle TV show. Each week they're assigned a lifestyle-related project that ranges from the challenging (host a dinner party) to the bizarre (create projects using thousands of apples).

After Stewart's show was announced, the question immediately became: What would Stewart say to ousted contestants? "You're fired?" "You're not a good thing?" My favorite suggestion came from Entertainment Weekly, a nice twist on both Trump's signature line and Stewart's cooking expertise: "You're fried!"   

Applications for both versions of "The Apprentice" as well as a list of cities that will be hosting open casting calls (.pdf file).    —G.F.C.

And speaking of "Wickedly Perfect"...

Q: What has happened to "Wickedly Perfect"?  It’s not been on now for 2 weeks. The last one I saw was two weeks ago in the woods.    —Carol, Denver

A: It's still on, it's just changed days. As of Jan. 29, CBS has moved the show to Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

I know, Saturdays? But those of us who've become addicted to this Martha-without-Martha show can set our TiVos or VCRs and tune in at our own pace.

Since you've missed two weeks, you can catch up on the show at the official site. The had the contestants posing as human works of art inside giant picture frames, and the had them running a B&B.    —G.F.C.

Q: What happened to the ‘Ivana Young Man’ reality show? Is FOX going to run it? Who is the lucky 40's woman?    —Shawna

A: Ivana Trump is getting into the reality game with "Ivana Young Man." Yes, that's actually what it's called. As originally announced, however, it's not a series, but a two-part special that is being produced by the company behind "The Mole" and "The Joe Schmo Show." Announcing the series, FOX's Mike Darnell said, "For years, rich older men have traded in their wives for pretty young women with bigger 'attributes.' Thanks to women like Ivana Trump, Demi Moore and Cher, the social norms are changing, and mature women are finding that true love can happen with younger men."

The cast hasn't been officially announced yet, but the woman who will be seeking a younger partner is Kathy Dahl. Ivana found six guys who are aged 22 to 32, and they'll go on group dates and perform challenges, and, of course, be eliminated one by one. Scott Stone recently told that, when looking for the men, "We wanted to give her the gamut. We have kind of the all-American hunky quarterback-looking guy. We got the quirky, funny, great-sense-of-humor guy and we got the hot European sexy guy."

The special doesn't yet have an official air date, but on her Web site, Ivana expresses hope that it'll continue beyond its first run. "I had several offers for reality TV shows over the years, and decided that this was by far the most exciting, dynamic, and fun offer. It's slated for a 2 hour show in late fall, early 2005. The hope is, everyone will love it so much, it will spin out to a special every few months. Now, wouldn't that be fun?"    —A.D.