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Stephanie Seymour Still 'Splaining Son Smooch, Blames Weight Gain!

Once and for all, Stephanie Seymour and her 18-year-old son, Peter Brant II, were not really engaged in a steamy lip-locking embrace. It was just role play.
/ Source: E!online

Once and for all, Stephanie Seymour and her 18-year-old son, Peter Brant II, were not really engaged in a steamy lip-locking embrace. It was just role play.

Yes. This whole thing just got a lot weirder.

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The 42-year-old model, who was snapped in January by sneaky photogs on a St. Bart's beach dressed in a bikini while strolling and kissing her eldest kid in what looked like a passionate clench, had dismissed the crazy talk about their affection on Oprah. Likewise, her son took to Facebook right afterwards to say they had "nothing to hide" and that not only is he not dating his mother, he wouldn't because he is openly gay.

But now, Seymour is talking to Town &Country magazine, where she goes into a bit more detail on exactly why the two were caught smacking lips.

She says she had been feeling insecure and completely embarrassed to be seen in a bathing suit (the horror!) because she'd gone and gained a whopping 10 pounds. Like anyone could tell.

So, that being the case, her theatrical son knew she was self-conscious and, during their sandy walk, decided to grab her and pretend to woo her like "one of the stars in one of the movie musicals" the family loves to watch together.

Mystery solved?

Not quite.

See, Peter wrote in his Facebook screed that the two played up their kiss because they knew photogs were lurking nearby. However, Seymour states the opposite, telling the magazine that they thought they were alone.

"I tell my children not to believe everything they read," she says. "Don't believe your press when it's good, or when it's bad. Just move forward and stick to your goals. Don't get caught up in all that nonsense. And that beach photograph nonsense was really ridiculous."

As for her reconciliation with the ultra-wealthy Peter Brant, the duo live in separate houses and are in therapy, but share custody of their kids and spend holidays together as a family.

The twosome decided to but the kibosh on their divorce proceedings once every little detail started to become public, Seymour says. The model and the mogul kissed and made up just 24 hours before court proceedings were to start, saying they wanted to remain married and try to work things out. How did that happen after Brant labeled the mother of his three children a boozing, drug-using cheater? With a rug.

Yes, they reunited over a rug.

Seymour says that after crippling bouts of sadness that would keep her inside her bedroom for days on end before the trial was to begin. She tells the story of being at a loss for what to say after her and Brant had both publicly dragged each other through the mud. So she thought of the old Navajo blanket Brant had kept since he was 19 and left at the house where she was staying.

Seymour went over to his house with the peace offering, knocking on the door and telling him to get rid of their lawyers and make up. They called off the proceedings and are now trying to "work it out."

"I'm not perfect. He's not perfect," she says. "What we've done is tried to come together. And we've decided that this is our personal and private family business."

Unless you're caught tonguing your son down on the beach. That, you must explain.

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