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Spoiler Chat: Will They Reshoot the Glee Prom?

Could Glee be redoing the prom episode to change up the king-queen leak?
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Could Glee be redoing the prom episode to change up the king-queen leak ?

After Cory Monteith tweeted the tantalizing, damage-controlly photo at the left featuring Dianna Agron in a tiara, we got an answer from one of our favorite Glee stars about the show's prom filming plan!

Plus, which fan-fave NBC comedy twosome are going to have a surprise liplock? Which Grey's Anatomy relationship might not be flawless yet, despite a happy day in the couple's future? Who's looking suspicious now on The Killing? And which cable dramedy is making a three-year leap forward when it returns this summer?

We've got answers to all those burning fan Q's and much more in this week's all-new TV spoiler chat:

Amanda: Are they reshooting the Glee prom?Darren Criss told us a little about the prom at a press event for the Warblers album saying, "We had a blast [shooting the prom]. Oh my god, we had these really, really long shooting days, three days in a row. And it was so much fun because it was really beautiful outside and everyone's dressed up. That was probably the funnest shooting days we had. They were really long, but we had lots of food and lots of just games--we were playing basketball. We had a blast." So has he heard that they might have to go back and film new versions of those scenes? Says Criss: "No, I haven't. That would be a pain. We worked so hard. Jeez. That would suck. Let's hope that's not the case."

RachaelHeather1: Glee in NYC! With all this filming outside, what's going on?Glee is going big time! When you film in NYC, you've got to do it right. And that's exactly what's going on. From what we gathered...the numbers outside in the streets of New York may outnumber the numbers performed indoors!

monsterfan13: What's coming up for Finchel in future episodes? Can we expect some New York action?Well, they do say New York is the city of love! What? They don't say that? Could've fooled us with the way we hear Finn and Rachel will be acting toward each other during Nationals. Now, Glee NYC photo party!

Jay: Will Ben and Leslie ever get together on Parks and Rec?Depends on what your definition of "get together" is. Elope in the middle of a cornfield? No. Go out to dinner and split dessert? No. Somewhere in between that plus physical contact that is so adorable we had to rewind it more than once? Yes.

Callie in Las Vegas, Nev.: Anything on PRex, please!Don't for one second think that Andy (Chris Pratt) and April's (Aubrey Plaza) marriage is a fluke. We are happy to report that their relationship actually grows, and both of them learn to adapt to married life. But this is Andy and April we're talking about, so they'll need some help. But don't worry, Ben (Adam Scott) moves in with them, and he orders them to start acting like adults. And that means buying things like plates and towels. Of course, they come home with stuff that isn't exactly qualified as a marshmallow gun.

TheOtherYvonne: Anything Chuck related would be great!Hoping that Chuck will shed some light regarding the mysterious Agent X? Zachary Levi feels for you. "We will get answers on that," he promises to us. "This is not the four-toed statue on the coastline of Lost! We're going to answer some questions, people. We're not just going to keep asking questions."

Brett in San Diego, Calif.: Gimme Chuck news! Maybe wedding related?"The wedding is in the works between Chuck and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), but as one might expect from a season of Chuck, the things we are all working toward are impeded and interrupted for various reasons," Zach tells us. The important word in that sound bite being "various." But even more importantly, the bro-love between Chuck and Morgan (Joshua Gomez) is still intact. "The bromance is strong," he assures happily.

zindzijade: Would kill for some Game of Thrones info. Please!Skanky Queen Cersei (Lena Headey) and King Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy) have a heart-to-heart in an upcoming episode that kinda makes you realize that the reign of this particular King is doomed. Why? Because the royal family currently in residence at King's Landing is nothing but a disconnected collection of broken, hopeless, miserable people bent on destroying each other. That said, this particular conversation fleshes out Cersei in particular, explaining her a bit more as a woman and mother, which is nice, because in her current state she's not much more dimensional than Maleficent.

Trixie: Weeds?Fastforward! Baby Stevie will be four years old when next we see him on Weeds, producers are seeking the particularly "focused and articulate" kids to audition for the role. Has anyone perchance called the mom of the Raising Hope twins to see if she has any older kids we don't know about?

ginnytwin: You were kind enough to provide Smallville spoilers last week, so how about some more?Your wish, our command. Cassidy Freeman is super excited about her scene with Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) in the finale, and she thinks you should be too! "Their scene is epic," she tells us giddily. "But I think even if we were just having tea and crumpets it would be epic, because we have never met before."

Billie Sunday: Anything else you can tell us about the Callie-Arizona wedding?We asked Grey's Anatomy star Jessica Capshaw what other struggles those two crazy kids would have to endure in the future and she told us, "Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers have both talked about, since the inception of the show [Grey's Anatomy] was never about commitment and marriage, it was always about loving someone you're not supposed to love. How do you figure that out? How do you then find your way to them? Do you say "no" to them? Do you go to them? [The show used to be about] impossible relationships, possible relationships in impossible circumstances...but now I think it's sort of evolved and matured to what it is now: about how do you keep and nurture and drive in relationships. That being said, it's a one-hour drama, so you can't just have a bunch of really happy people.I'm just guessing now--this is just Jessica Capshaw guessing--I'm sure there will be fallout [from everything that's happened]...Last season Arizona didn't want kids, so now she has a kid...Does that mean Arizona is going to become the quintessential mother? Is she going to start baking cookies and having bake sales? I have no idea. But my guess is, she won't." Do you think Arizona will be a reluctant participant in the parenting thing, or will she dive right in?

Pandora: What can you tell us about the Cougar Town finale?We can tell you what Cougar Town star Josh Hopkins told us, which is, "A lot of the cocktails that we drink in Hawaii are real--and that makes for a lot worse acting. Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson have a little issue, which will continue on through season three, where she is maybe done having kids and he has not had any and sort of wants some--so that could be a continuing problem for them." Oooh, baby mama drama!

Cameron: Nurse Jackie?Our favorite pill-popping/snorting nurse will soon go cold turkey. For real this time. And Jackie (Edie Falco) will get it all: the sweats. The shaking hands. The anxiety. Why does she do it? The answer will surprise even the savviest viewer.

flipper3000: In Plain Sight PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We see your exclamation points and raise you a handful of scoop, courtesy of its star, Mary McCormack, who just called us to dish on In Plain Sight (premiering on USA May 1). "It's all about change," the amazing (and pregnant!) actress told us about the new season, whose storyline will mimic the actress's real-life pregnancy. The only thing more shocking than Mary Shannon becoming a mother is the identity of the father, which we'll find out in the "fifth or sixth episode," McCormack promises.

Teresa: What's coming up on my favorite moody Seattle show, The Killing?Up next is the day of Rosie Larsen's funeral, so expect heartbreak as well as the surprisingly angry stage of grief. Look for previously rock solid Aunt Terry (Jamie Anne Allman) to break down and not for the reason you'd think. Alas, the doting aunt may be harboring a secret of her own. We hope she's not the killer because we've loved Jamie Anne Allman since her hooker with a heart of gold days in The Shield.

timmahboy: JUSTIFIED!!!We love the enthusiasm! Get ready for the fallout of Aunt Helen's (Linda Gehringer) death. And when we say, 'get ready' we mean 'run to your grandma's leftover bomb shelter from the Cold War and take cover'. Raylan's (Timothy Olyphant) grief will send him on the hunt for the man responsible, Dickie Bennett (Jeremy Davies). And in one of Timothy Olyphant's best moments of the season we finally find out just how Raylan got out of Harlan and why Aunt Helen was so important to him.

McKenna: Any SVU scoop?Lost crossover! Sorta. Sterling Beaumon, who played young Ben on Lost (remember when Sayid shot a kid?!), is set to appear on SVU in May 11 as a psychopathic teen who moves to NYC about the same time as a string of rape-murders begins. Rita Wilson will play the mom who struggles to control her weird/evil kid. Oh, SVU, you just can't stay out of the dark, dark places, can you?

Kelly: I know it's not back for ages, but any scoop on Psych?You always thought Shawn Spencer (James Roday) might be a little crazy, but you ain't seen nothing yet. Our favorite hyperobservant sleuth will be playing crazy (or perhaps just crazier than usual?) to get inside a mental hospital as part of his investigation of a suspected killer who was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Kyle in Maryland: Anything on Law &Order: Los Angeles?Shudder. The show will be doing an ep based on the Tucson shooting rampage, complete with female politician victim and seemingly schizophrenic shooter. (Do we really need to relive this?)

--Reporting by Jenna Mullins, Jennifer Arrow, Christina Dowling and Drusilla Moorhouse

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