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Sons of Anarchy Boss Spills on the Episode That Changes Jax Forever

Prepare to rewatch this season's Sons of Anarchy finale (Tuesday night, 10 p.m., FX) multiple times, because everything looks different once you know.
/ Source: E!online

Prepare to rewatch this season's Sons of Anarchy finale (Tuesday night, 10 p.m., FX) multiple times, because everything looks different once you know.

Want to know more right now? Of course you do, so we caught up with SOA show runner Kurt Sutter for a look at why the finale, entitled "NS," is all about the terrible consequences of SAMCRO's journey the past three seasons, and if one of those consequences is near-certain doom for those closest to Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam):

Sutter tells us of tomorrow's season-ender, "This finale is what we've been building to all season, which is what finales tend to do, obviously, but in this case, especially for Jax. This is about the emotional ride that he's been on all season and that has obviously impacted him and continues to influence him in the decisions he makes and the kind of man he's going to become. I think we reveal in the finale that he makes some pretty severe choices and orchestrates them, and I think they are choices that will change him forever."

Shake in your boots, Jax fans. Oh, and you Tara fans--you better stock up on Ativan and red wine, because you are also going to need a sedative or two during tomorrow night's finale. The suspense is almost unbearable.

Among other things, Jax tells his girl that he's going to make sure she's OK, but is that something he can realistically promise? (There's one particular scene, before Jax and Tara set off on the season's final adventure, that is so sunlit and sweet and optimistic that you just know something horrible is about to happen to one or both of them. This is, after all, Kurt Sutter's world, where nothing stays too delightful for long.)

We asked Kurt about Jax's pledge to protect Tara, and he told us that's actually what's been driving Jax all season--it's even what pushed him to stray with porn slut: "I think that the whole thing that played out with Tara, in the first half of the season...that was him needing to distance himself from her, because he didn't want the responsibility of potentially hurting somebody else the way he felt he hurt Abel. That fear is why he pushed her away and ultimately why--whether consciously or unconsciously--he went to the deal breaker, which was somebody else. And got his wish. But when he finds out she's pregnant, [together with] the consequences that she goes through and the changes that happen with her [because of the pregnancy and kidnapping], ultimately those dire circumstances bring them back together. He feels like, 'I'm not going to let anything like what happened to Abel happen again,' which is why I think he's consciously making those darker, life-altering decisions that he makes in the finale--so that nothing like that happens again."

And that, my friends and fellow fans, is all we dare to quote before the episode airs, but rest assured, we have pages and pages and pages of more Kurt Sutter goodness that will come to you once you understand, after you see the finale tomorrow night at 10 p.m. on FX.

It's seriously so good, ya'll. I can't wait for you to see it, and then be sure to get back here post-hasty after it airs for scoop on what it all means and what's to come in season four. (SAMCRO forever!)

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