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Sen. Cory Booker asks Mindy Kaling out on a dinner date via Twitter

They've made plans for a dinner date ... all because Kaling threw shade at Newark, New Jersey, on "The Mindy Project."
/ Source: TODAY

Partisan beliefs aside, 2017 has already brought more than enough stories about politicians on Twitter. This one, however, is delightful: a budding relationship between comedy queen Mindy Kaling, 37, and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, 47. Platonic or not? Only time will tell.

The flirtation began when Kaling threw shade at the city of Newark, New Jersey — of which Booker was once mayor — on her Hulu show, "The Mindy Project."

Booker wasn't going to take that lying down.

"Ouch! @MindyKaling, heard Dr. Lahiri dissed Newark last night," the senator wrote on Thursday, attaching a link to a Newark travel guide published in Vogue.

"(I still ♥ U!)" he added. Aww.

"Senator, if Mindy Lahiri shades it, it means we know it's cool," Kaling responded. "Thanks for the ♥. It's mutual!"

Booker, ever the politician, took Kaling's words and used them to push his agenda ... in the most adorable way. "If the ♥ is really mutual... Come have dinner with me in Newark? #PleaseSayYes," he responded.

Kaling, ever the straight-shooting comedienne, didn't bother with fancy rhetoric. "Yes," she said. "Now let me get the PATH train schedule."

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Booker, however, insisted she was "Lyft worthy," and said he would send a car.

We daresay Kaling couldn't have written a more perfect script herself. Or maybe she did engineer this exchange from the moment she wrote that line on "The Mindy Project"?

Either way, we can't wait to see where this story line goes.