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Scott Foley opens up about where he stands with ex-wife Jennifer Garner

The former couple met on the set of "Felicity" and were married from 2000 to 2004.
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Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley weren't just a couple on the hit show "Felicity." They were a couple in real life too!Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Before Jennifer Garner was to married Ben Affleck, she tied the knot with her "Felicity" co-star Scott Foley.

Their short-lived marriage became a topic of interest during Foley's appearance on Sirius XM's Andy Cohen Live this week, when Cohen asked Foley whether he dated any "young starlets" he might know of when he starred on "Felicity."

"Probably," Foley replied. "I got married during 'Felicity.' It was a short-lived marriage."

Foley recalled how he hit it off "instantly" with Garner, who played his girlfriend on the show. The couple started dating soon after they met and tied the knot in 2000. They finalized their divorce in 2004.

"We're speaking about this with my current wife behind me and she's laughing," Foley, who has been married to Marika Domińczyk since 2007, told Cohen. "She's really enjoying the squirming that I'm doing."

While Foley and Garner both moved on, he said there's no animosity between them. When asked if he'd say hello to Garner if he ran into her at an event, Foley gave a very diplomatic answer.

"No, you say hello. You're very civil," he said. "I mean, we do not keep in contact because she has her own family. I have mine. It's, wouldn't be something that we would search out."

"The Big Leap" star said he has bumped into his ex-wife a few times in Los Angeles when he's been out with his wife.

"Everybody says, 'Hi,' and you're cordial and you move on," he said. "That’s life, right?"