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Scott Foley on possible 'Felicity' reboot: 'I would give it another shot'

Foley didn't always support the idea, but he's grown to like it.
/ Source: TODAY

Could “Felicity” join the ranks of countless other TV shows that have gotten the reboot treatment?

Star Scott Foley says he is interested in reviving the drama. The actor, who hosts and judges Ellen DeGeneres’ new HBO Max series, "Ellen's Next Great Designer," said he was hesitant to revisit “Felicity,” but had a change of heart during a 2018 cast reunion.

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"A few years ago the cast got together for a panel discussion on its 20th anniversary," he told “Entertainment Tonight.” "Being around them, being onstage again changed my mind. I missed working with them and I would give it another shot."

Foley, 48, has floated the idea of a reboot before, wondering about the fates of the characters while appearing with the cast at that panel discussion.

“I would love to be able to find out what happened to Richard, to Javier, to Julie, to Elena,” he said at the time. “I don’t know how it would work, what the story would be, but I would love to. All these emotions that I had when I was 25-26 shooting the show are coming back, and I miss you guys.”

Keri Russell, Scott Foley, Scott Speedman, Tangi Miller and Amy Jo Johnson on "Felicity" in 1998.(C)Warner Bros

He’s not the only one pushing for an update.

“Let’s do a 'Felicity'Christmas, like we go to Hawaii episode. That would be good,” Russell said during a cast interview on TODAY in 2018.

No one can say for sure how a reboot would look, since the series focused on a particular era in the characters’ lives.

“‘Felicity’ was such a specific show because it dealt with a specific period of time in those characters' lives, right? You know, freshmen in college through graduating college," Foley told "Entertainment Tonight."